Have you ever...

Mar 13, 2006
Have you ever sold any of your bags to a consignment store?

If you have, do you mind explaining to me how that works? Do you just go there and sell them the bags? Do they give you cash on the spot or do you have to wait until it sells?

Thank you!
I have a Cynthia Rowley on consignment right now. I took the bag in, they mark a price on it after you tell them how much you paid. If the bag sells, they take a % of the sales price. If it does not, you can re-consign it or take it back. I think the consignment period for mine is 60 days.
I've sold a few things through consignment stores. Their policies vary. Some will buy your things outright, and then sell them at whatever price they choose. Others (most, I think), put your items on sale, and then give you 50% of the proceeds. Note that a lot of stores will lower prices as time goes by, too, so you may not get a guaranteed minimum for an item.