Have You Ever...?

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  1. Yes

    Ever made snow angels as an adult?
  2. Yes-with my kids
    Same question
  3. Yes

    Same Q ^^
  4. Answered
    Have you ever taken a ride in a hot air balloon?
  5. Yes

    Same Q ^^
  6. .
  7. No
    seen a grizzly bear?
  8. In a zoo-yes
    Have you ever slalom water skied?
  9. Yes
    Have you ever had back surgery?
  10. No

    Eye surgery?
  11. No

    Same Q ^^
  12. Yes, I had a small tumor removed from my eyelid.
    Have you ever had foot surgery?
  13. No

    Written a letter of complaint to a company?
  14. No
    Been laid off?
  15. No
    Ever been so dizzy you had to lie down?