Have You Ever...?

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  1. No

    Same Q ^^
  2. No
    Same q
  3. No
    Ever run out of gas while driving?
  4. No
    Had a car breakdown on a road trip
  5. Yes
    Missed a flight at the airport?
  6. Nope

    Same Q ^^
  7. Yes

    Returned something to a store and then bought it again?
  8. No
    Same q
  9. yes...when they wouldn't give me a price adjustment

    used movers to pack up your belongings & move them to a new home
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  10. Yes
    Same q
  11. yes

    ordered furniture (indoor or outdoor) online
  12. I have not
    Have you ever interrupted someone?
  13. Yes - Talking BS!

    Same Q ^^
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  14. Yes

    Eaten escargot?
  15. Yes-like eating rubber-not my thing!
    Have you ever eaten raw fish? :sick: