Have You Ever...?

  1. Yes !

    broken your shoe heel while dancing ?
  2. No

    Have you ever seen the same movie twice in a row?
  3. Not on the same day..

    Tailgated someone after they cut you off?
  4. And honk and flipped the bird :biggrin:

    Cried because you were so mad?
  5. Yes.

    Re-gifted something?
  6. No !

    asked a family member to stop giving you gifts ?
  7. Yes.

    Asked a guy out on a date?
  8. Yes.

    Stood someone up?
  9. Yes.

    Ate something that fell on the floor?
  10. Yes, only in my home !

    Told a friend he/she has halitosis ?
  11. No, lol.

    Told a friend you didn't like their SO/DH?
  12. Yes.

    Have you ever kissed a friends SO?
  13. No !

    Have you ever looked at a friend's SO and thought to yourself "Wow he/she is good looking !" ?
  14. Yes

    Had a meal with anyone famous
  15. No

    celebrated your birthday without getting a cake or cupcake?