Have You Ever...?

  1. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    been to an opera
  2. yes

    played the violin
  3. yes a long time ago

    been in a play
  4. yes...as a child in school

    sung in front of an audience
  5. NO

    stolen something
  6. yes...teenage scavenger hunt stupidity

    been in a car accident
  7. yes

    gotten flowers
  8. yes

    taken a cooking class
  9. no

    had a friend backstab u
  10. yes...but not a close friend

    wanted to be a teacher
  11. yes

    had to say goodbye to some1 u loved
  12. yes

    given a eulogy
  13. yes

    given a eulogy
  14. no

    missed a flight?
  15. Yes !

    forgot to pick up someone's child ?