Have You Ever...?

  1. yes!!!

    walked around with your shirt/blouse inside out and no one told you?
  2. No !

    caught anyone cutting and picking flowers from your garden ?
  3. no!

    been in a room where another person is carrying the same bag as you?
  4. Yes.

    Played poker all night?
  5. no

    slipped in the bathtub?
  6. yes

    broken any bones
  7. no - ouch!

    forgotten to wear a bra?
  8. No.

    gave a speech in front of 500+ people?
  9. yes

    done the Atkins diet?
  10. I've tried things similar to Atkins but not Atkins itself.

    Kept your nails so long it was difficult to type?
  11. Yes.

    ...painted your nails green?
  12. I painted my daughter's green, doesthat almost count?

    Sat under a dryer with rollers in your hair?
  13. Yes.

    Swam in a lake?
  14. yes

    stepped on dog poo?
  15. yes, once! :mad::cursing:

    met a celeb?