Have you ever...?


Jul 16, 2007
Pomona, CA
Have you ever....? I was just standing outside a few minutes ago, on my break at work, and I saw a lady walk by with a COACH purse. I thought to myself, oh, I like her purse! :drool:It was an older model, an original signature duffle. Most of my taste is for the duffle type purses. I was like Duh, I already have that one.:lol: Let me explain, I have to keep my bags out of my husband's view, because all he sees is dollar signs! I never take them all out at once, or he might faint at the sight of all of them.
Just wondered if any of you ladies, from lack of using them, forget what you already have. I just found it funny that because I cannot look at them everyday, I forget what I have.:nogood:


Dec 11, 2007
One of my kids asked me how many bags I had. I had to say (and it's the truth) that I don't have that many. I have 10 bags right now, which is the most I've had at any one time. I too sell in order to make room for a new one. Oh, I NEVER leave them out for my husband to gawk at. He wouldn't understand. But then again, I do have some leverage as he has a bunch of snowboards and high end camera equipment, so we're even. I think????
Jul 21, 2006
Southwest Florida
This happens to me all the time. And, usually, when I am shopping around for a new bag, I tend to find one that looks exactly like the one that I am wearing at the moment!


Dec 30, 2007
Haha. I was reorganizing my bags last weekend and found a bag that I completely forgot about. I started using it again now that I have rediscovered it. I wasn't hiding it or anything like that, it just got buried


On a ball field
Sep 1, 2007
Land of OZ
i guess that the common traits of a bad whore! cant escape from it, haha!!! :P
:lol::lol::lol: I often refer to myself as a bag whore! There are worse things to be IMO.

I also will "forget" what bags I have because I keep them all in their dustbags on the shelf. I plan to photograph them & display the picture so that I can see them & remember which ones I have & what colors!

I also am pretty good about selling the bags I no longer use. I've sold 4 in the last month (of course I've aquired about the same amount) :shame:


Jan 29, 2008
Yes I forget about some of my old bags when they get shuffled around in my closet. I have yet to buy two of the same bags though.