have you ever ..

  1. bought a bag /shoes and then never ever worn them but still are unable to sell them ?? i just browsed through my closet yesterday and found some examples of that "stupid" behaviour and now i want to know "am i the only one" :shame:
  2. Yep, I sure have! Party dresses, nice evening bags, high heeled shoes in pretty colours - those are like candy. I sometimes sell things I rarely use, but cant part with everything - there are still some unused treasures that I love, yet havent used. We must keep on dreaming!
  3. Ummm I do that mostly with clothes!! hehe
  4. I can relate to this problem! You're not the only one... I have it mostly with silk, sequined party dresses/tops...I buy them because they are beautiful, I wear them twice and then they sit in my closet! I used to have the same with shoes, but now I'm older and wiser;) so I try to wait a bit before I splurge! I still have shoes in my closets which make me think 'What on earth were you thinking???' And I'm too lazy too sell them/deal with ebay/only get 1/20 of the original price in consignment shops on expensive mostly unworn shoes, clothes or bags :ninja:!
  5. it is really dumb i know but sometimes bags and shoes look wonderful in the store or i do have something in mind to wear them with and then at home i store them and never use them :rant: and still i just can not sell them :rolleyes: i need to stop these impulsive shopping sprees but i am so relieved that i am not the only one :shame:
  6. You are certainly not alone! I had a pair of shoes that I bought a few months ago...so cute, but certainly not my style. Never wore them, past the timeframe in which I could return them, and so off to ebay I went. Took a while, but they finally sold. (for about 1/4 of what I paid) If I include the listing fees, etc., the denominator of that fraction is about doubled. :shame:
  7. Sadly, I have 11 bags that have not seen the light of day .... yet ... .but I will get to them.:P
  8. YES!

    But some things are just too precious to wear. :lol:

    This usually happens with my more unique designer pieces. I "save" them for special events even though I'm not as glamorous as I pretend. :lol:

    Lilach, don't sell! You sound like you have some AMAZING pieces. They are part of your collection. One day a museum will want them. :flowers:
  9. Sadly yes. I think I've been buying for what I'd like my lifestyle to be rather than what it is. I won't get rid of things though, after all lifestyles change.;)
  10. thanks and i won´t sell no doubt about tha. ah and the museum sounds good maybe they want me to when the time comes :hrmm:
  11. I have several tops that I buy w/ an event in mind. Then after that event, I move on to the next new top I like. And I agree w/ iSpot, then you have to make the effort to put it on eBay or take a huge hit on recouping the cost at a consignment store. And it is an effort.
  12. I do this A LOT!!! I have tried to be better about it; but, I do backslide.

    It makes me mad, I see little piggy banks sitting on shelves, hanging on hangers, and I think "WHY can't I crack you"!!!

  13. I have a pair of Gucci super high black pumps/stilettos with the ballet wrap that goes around the ankle from years ago. When I bought them, i thought, ok, i don't have a pair of black pumps so i'll wear them one day, everyone needs black pumps... Well, I'm still waiting 4 that day to come... LOL Only now have I been debating on selling them, and i'm still back and forth about doing that.
  14. :rolleyes: Oh, yeah. My husband uses this as his main premise for me not to continue purchasing additional things. It happens mostly with shoes, for me, mainly because I don't want to trash them on filthy downtown streets. Oddly enough, the bags that stay in hiding are among my most coveted...far too precious to risk the trauma of everyday use...but I do take them out every so often to admire and oogle, and to remind myself that they are indeed there. I also repeatedly try to convince myself that I should just throw caution to the wind and enjoy them by actually using them, instead of just hoarding them. I'm working on it...but it's hard though...and it's been so darn rainy lately...:hrmm: