Have you ever

  1. fueled the addiction of Louboutins for a friend, family member, co-worker, etc?

    I think my mom started my Louboutin addiction. :p

    OT, but there are so many views on our threads but barely any replies. Come on ladies! If you are lurking around and not posting, please share with us! I would love to get to know more people!! :flowers:
  2. Nope. I don't know anyone else who would buy them.
  3. I dont know anyone else who buy them.

    My addiction started when I was at Neiman Marcus trying on shoes and I put them on my feet.
  4. Alomst everyone I know knows I love them to death. My one friend is a CL addict because of me and the other is too cheap to buy them lol
    To tell you the truth, I rather have them all to myself lol
    My addiction started when I first saw the the Helmut. I fell in love and was too stupid to buy them, now I cant get my hands on them! I did get my hands on a Helmoon, so im somewhat satisfied. It all started a year ago and now i have 13 pairs. Many more to come!
  5. Everybody I know thinks I'm crazy for spending that much on shoes!
  6. Nope, not yet, I don't think any of my friends would buy them, definitely not my sister she's too frugal, lol
  7. Some of my friends think I'm crazy too. :yes:

    17 views and 4 replies..why don't people like to reply to threads??? It's a little bit annoying to me because it's just like people who eavesdrop on conversations. Well okay, not really but does anyone understand what I mean?
  8. Well all of my friends feel that quantity is better than quality and they often say we are living in poverty compared to you or they make a stupid little comment that I could have soo many more clothes if I wasn't so worried about the name but I look at it this way... I have several DVF dresses some I have had for years and if I have somewhere to go people don't know its 2 years old because the style never dies while I bet they have spent that mucha nd more on getting a new outfit everytime they go out. Then again I need new friends because clearly at 26 I shop for a lot of my basics at j crew and gap but I like to splurge on others...

    Priiin do you wanna be my friend:crybaby:
  9. Most of my girlfriends love Louboutins but not to the same extent that I do. Most of the girls that I work with are now in love with CLs also - I think that I caused this new found love for most of them.
  10. most of my friends don't know who louboutin is and that's okay. i keep my addiction to myself. if they ask, i do tell though.
  11. I am like J Red. Even though they could afford it, and they know I have nice shoes, I don't really talk about who they are by, or cost. I do tell my daughter, though. It is something I do for me. It's like my home. I have many very nice things and never buy cheap stuff. Was not brought up that way. I don't buy things so people will come in and say wow. I do it for me. I like how I feel when I come home. I am a nester. My parents would rather have waited and bought what they wanted rather than settle, I am like that, too.
  12. Most people I know don't know who Christian Louboutin is. We live 1.5 hours from the closest store that sells them. Where I live (and this is fine!) most people only recognize Coach. The only reason I started buying them is becasue of this blasted forum. LOL.
  13. ITA! Quality over quantity any day.
    I also never reveal cost, although this info is readily available. I just tell people that I don't remember since I really don't think that it is anyone's business how much I choose to spend on my shoes. When people ask me at work, I tell them that I have a GF that gives me her employee discount (whcih is partially true) because otherwise they would think that something was wrong with the compensation scale.
  14. Noe, we are friends already. ;)

    My love for Louboutins would not be this big if it wasn't for tPF. :push: I love the community though, despite the few spammers and rude users there are so many nice ladies here. :tup:
  15. ^ definitely. this forum adds fuel to the fire lol but i love it!

    i only have ONE friend who shares this obsession with me