Have you ever...

  1. ... sold a bag, and then missed it so much that you bought the same print and style back again? (but at a higher price, because now it's sold out and you have no choice?)

    I have been trying to talk myself out of doing this for awhile now.
  2. Not yet, but its the main reason why I've talked myself out of selling my bags in duplicate prints, because I think I'll miss the different styles and have that same thing possibly happen!
  3. I'm sure I'd be doing this if I had sold any of my bags. I had the bright :idea: to sell some things a few times but then my boyfriend had the sense to talk me out of it saying he didn't want to pay triple the price for the same item in 6 months so "DON'T SELL IT!" Thank God I have him or I'd be doing the same thing...rebuying all the stuf I sold :rolleyes:

    Whatcha looking for LAMB? :graucho:
  4. Awww... my hubby did the same thing, but he was one bag too late. I have only sold one bag (a Citta Ciao Ciao) and I didn't realize I'd miss it so much. And of course, I really liked the print placement on it, and I can't seem to find the same placement again.
  5. I recommend sticking with that plan - the bag I sold was a duplicate print that I thought I could sell and not miss it, but now I do.
  6. I sort of regret selling my Tan PG Bella... the style of bag really grew on me, and even though I didn't like the print placement much, I could still have said that I owned something Tan PG =/ But not anymore :cry:
  7. i have done that!!
    i sold my friend my playground campeggio & now i super mis it & ive been searching for a new 1 almost since i sold it

    never again
    its kinda sad id rather be broke for a week than sell 1 of my bags

  8. i traded my paradiso dolce and got a paradiso zucca.. sold my citta rosa BV to get a citta rosa campeggio. other than that, no not really. :]
  9. Well don't give up your hunt...I'm sure you'll eventually find one maybe even one you like better than your original :graucho:
  10. oh no! i bought 3 inferno bags and thought i would keep two and sell one of them but now don't know because of this thread! you guys are convincing me to keep ALL of them! LOL!

    if they were all different sizes (small, med, large) i would be more inclined to keep all 3 but they are all on the small side. hmm ... i guess i'll have to think about it more. =P
  11. I sold a forresta mamma mia that I slightly regret because they're a lot harder to find now. But I really needed the money at the time, boo.
  12. yes, once. sold my lamore mamma mia, and they buying another one to replace it.
    I only regret not buying more when foresta came out, other than that...i am ok!! haha
  13. Oh dear...after hearing what you all are saying....I am back again on my dilemma about my tan PG Bella Bella. To sell or not to sell???Aargh!!! I can decide anymore!!!:confused1:

    P/S My husband is the opposite...he is the one encouraging me to sell them all. :crybaby:
  14. oh I've never sold any of my bags but I did return my pirata zucca and I missed it lots but I haven't gone out and bought another to replace it. I think I've come to accept that it's gone ...
  15. i haven't gotten rid of no bags yet. but thinking about selling some off. i told my husband that i would be happy with 1 print of each bag. I have few with the same designs.

    believe me it has been a real struggle. i have listed, cancelled, listed and cancelled auctions...hahaha. i have paid some fees on eBay and haven't even sold a bag yet. My hubby told me to just keep it all , cause once the whole tokidoki/lesportsac callabo is over, the price will go up and I will then regret.

    sometimes (rarely) men are right. :p