Have you ever worn a messenger to every day activities?

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  1. I know fashion savvy guys wear their messengers to say, a mall, or errands. Have any of the gals here done the same? I'm wondering if I could use the Paul Smith Messenger in the mall as well, for some of the malls I hit have a Barnes and Noble, and most likely I'd have my laptop or a notebook and accordian folder with me, and wouldn't want to have to go back to the car to leave it before I go back, since I shop a bit, and write a bit, shop a little more, it would just be too inconvient. But would a messenger bag look odd honestly?
  2. Hi, Aarti.

    I live in the land of book stores and wireless coffee shops (read here: downtown Seattle), and believe me, messenger bags are the bag of choice.

    I like to carry a Mulberry, but frankly, I am odd man out! :shame:
  3. Hello Aarti! I have a Prada nylon messenger bag which I use whenever I run errands & also when I go on out of town trips/holidays that involves lots of walking...sightseeing & shopping. I find it pretty convenient. Love the fact that my hands are free to hold a cup of Macchiato & browse the shelves of my favorite book store.

  4. I have a couple of Chanel messengers that I love for shopping etc- not big enough for a laptop though.
  5. i carry my balenciaga messenger constantly, laptop or not. hands-free is just so much easier, especially since i bike everywhere.
  6. i love messenger bags (have four so far).. I carry them almost daily..... they are so practical to use..
  7. Love the Paul Smith messenger. Messenger bags are the best, free up your hands. Useful when you have kids, or a cup of coffee :P
  8. Of course! I'm a student, and there's nothing more convenient than a messenger bag. Heck, even if I'm just taking a few things out to coffee with me -- a novel, a notebook, and my wallet -- it's nice to be able to carry those things and have room to spare.
  9. I love messenger bags and wear them everywhere.....if it's a fancy event I wear a designer one! Otherwise, it's either Volcom, Tokidoki or Tumi.
  10. :wlae: I literally bounce between two hospitals - so I live with all my "toys" - beepers, palm pilots, lap top, etc. I swear by by Prada and Tumi messenger bags.
  11. How much are Balenciaga messengers? I haven't seen them anywhere online so I have no clue on the price.
  12. Yes, I've definitely done this before.

    I've also carried a messenger-ish large Prada saddle bag around. It's very 70sish collegiate.
  13. i use messenger bags a lot, they're just too comfy!!!
    that wouldn't be odd at all!!!love paul smith!
  14. I do now especially with a baby in tow - it's the best invention since slice bread ! Love the prada f/w 06 collection of messenger bags especially

  15. mine was £495. it's a men's bag though so that might be why you're not seeing it!