Have you ever wonder what these abreviations mean?

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  1. Ok, I hate to think I am the only one trying to guess abreviations in this forum :sweatdrop:. So I hope I am not the only one. Just couple months ago, when I joined this forum, I picked up a few abreviations that I don't normally use in AIM. Now I know SA=sales associate, TIA=thanks in advance, IMO=in my opinion, TDF=to die for ... funny how creative we are in shorten these common words into letters. But there are still so many abreviations I see daily, and still couldn't figure what they mean :s.

    Can everyone please post all abreviations that you use and give me the meaning of them? (skip the 4 above).. for example, I am dying to know what "KWIM" stands for (many times I thought someone just mispelled the word "swim" :lol:) LOL.

    **MODS, please move this thread if I posted in wrong place*** Thanks guys! :tup:
  2. I know... it took me awhile to get use to all of the abbreviations/acronyms as well....

    KWIM = know what I mean

    LOL = laugh out loud

    DH = darling/dear husband
    DB = darling/dear boyfriend
    DD = darling/dear daughter

    There's a thread that has a lot of the acronyms already if you do a search....
  3. Thanks peace43! I didn't know there's a thread of acronyms already... will try to search it now :smile:

    KWIM? duh!! gosh, I can't believe I couldn't figured that one out... lol ... oh, yeah, add DH and LOL in my list as well. Weird after you learned and used them so often, they become part of your language.
  4. Yes I admit I've wondered about a few also cheweyvy:shame:
  5. You're not alone! I didn't know some of those too!
  6. SIL - Sister in law
    BIL - brother in law
    MIL - Mother in law
    FIL - Father in law

    IMHO - In my humble opinion

    ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing
    ROFLMAO - Rolling on floor laughing my a** off
  7. I use IMHO as in my honest opinion.. just what i prefer lol :p
    JMO- Just my opinion
    t4p- Thanks for posting
    HTH- Hope this helps
  8. SO: significant other OR special order
    IRL: in real life
    IDK: i don't know
    ITA: i totally agree
    AFAIK: as far as i know
    IIRC: if i recall correctly
    BTW: by the way
    TTFN: ta-ta for now
    TTYL: talk to you later
    YMMV: your mileage may vary
    OTOH: on the other hand

    and for vuitton:
    MC: multicolore
    CB: cherry blossom
    BV/BH: batignolles vertical/horizontal
  9. at least i'm not the only one out there...this thread has just taught me so much:p. i once made the mistake of thinking that MC meant monogram canvas, not multicolore....so i'm sure there are many more that don't know what everything means
  10. omg lolll , i didnt know what DH meant!!
  11. PHH is purse-hating-hubby!
  12. TIWTLV: today I went to Louis Vuitton lol
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