Have You Ever Won Anything ?

  1. Have you ever won anything ? A Contest, Money, Holiday, Car etc.... Do you have friends or family members that have been lucky ?
  2. i won a 27 inch tv at work once. but my dad is the lucky one in the family. he's won tons of things...palm pilots, golf bags, trips (one was to the emmys), etc. but he's an executive in the telecom industry, so most of the contests he wins are through his suppliers.
  3. haha nope, never have.. well actually in 5th grade I won a water gun at a birthday party.. but thats it, im pretty unlucky when it comes to contests etc. hehe
  4. Nah, I gave up on trying to win! It's just a waste of my money imo. The fates are not with me here.
  5. I won a pager once, but it ended up to be a fake contest because the pager is already free if you sign up.. my mom entered and "won" too. :rolleyes:
  6. My Aunt won the Washington state lotto about 10 years ago, just got setteled in her beautiful dream home and a year later was tragically killed in an auto accident.
  7. My parents won an all expense trip to Acapulco from a $1 church raffle ticket.:yes:
  8. i won this contest where you had to guess how many books there were in a pirate's chest in a book store when i was about 10. i got to pick 10 free books :lol:
  9. I'm in a co-ed hockey league and I won a very nice $200 stick (graphite!) in a random drawing held by a new local shop. Trust me, it's :drool: .

    I also won a fund raising contest for an annual series of charity benefit games with proceeds benefiting the local Ronald McDonald House. I won a very nice gear backpack! I suppose I should include it in my handbag collection pix because it's a bag :lol: .
  10. Awww, that's so sad. :crybaby:

    I won a box of Starbucks coffee and a mug at my grad school orientation. I think that's about it though.
  11. I was about to say that I had never won anything... then I rememberd in 8th grade I won an autographed book from a semi-famous Cuban writer that taught at my school for some time for a poem I wrote(we all had to write poems in Spanish and he picked the one he liked best). I hadn't thought about that in a long time, I still have the book. What a nice memory! :smile:
  12. I have been pretty lucky, especially as a kid...I won:
    A bike
    A mickey mouse phone (one of those huge ones from the 70's)
    a trip to long beach
    a donut maker
    a trip anywhere in the cont. US (went to New Orleans)
    a ton of little stuff, wine, etc

    A few years ago at my company picnic, it got embarrassing, because between contests and raffle we won:
    wine glasses
    large bath basket
    large food basket
    Toys R us gift certificate
    starbucks gift certificate
    walkman CD player
    Long range walkie talkies
    Dual DVD / VCR player (when they were still pretty expensive)

  13. A couple of real good things--$1000 on an instant lotto card about 20 years ago, and a family trip to Disney World from a radio contest, also about 20 years ago. We were going thru a real tough time, so they were especially welcome to our family.
  14. I won a free makeover and gift certificate for Mary Kay Cosmetics, but I never did use it.
  15. I don't seem to win anything, but DH did have some great wins. The best was when he won a 4-day holiday for 2 to Fiji (through a work supplier contest). We used it for our mini-moon.