Have You Ever Won a "Reserve Not Met" Bid?

  1. Has anyone ever won an auction that has a reserve on it and did not meet the minimum?

    I'm the highest bidder on an auction that will close shortly but haven't met the reserve price. What are the odds the seller will sell it to me below reserve price? Is it tacky to ask the seller after the auction has ended and no one else had bidded?
  2. I've never won an auction where the reserve wasn't met.
  3. Nope. Usually, the seller's reserve is the lowest she or he is willing to go, BUT, if you were remotely close to the reserve--within five dollars--I don't see why a seller wouldn't offer the item to you.
  4. If the reserve wasnt met you didnt win anything.

    If it gets close and i mean very close they might email you but I doubt it because it would be an out of ebay sale. its not like a second chance email.
  5. Nope. I thought I might today and was planning to BIN this bag I had a bid on..but someone else beat me to it :sad:
  6. If you didn't meet the reserve price, then you are not legally bound by Ebay forcing you to undergo the transaction between you and the seller. However, the seller MAY decide to still sell if to you via "second chance offer" and if you agree, then you must pay the seller accordingly. It's all up to the seller whether he/she is willing to give up the item or not