Have you ever wished you still had your old car?


Jul 4, 2008
A few months ago I got a new car: Mitsubishi Eclipse. This is a popular car, holds value and for some reason costs more than it should. I got an amazing deal on it and I thought long and hard about what car I wanted to get next and I kept going back to the Eclipse. It had everything I wanted and I was trying to get one that was a lot like my old car which was a Ford Probe.

I believe the Ford Probe is the perfect car for me. I drove it much longer then I should have and put more money in it then I should have. If I could have I would keep it forever but it was past it’s due to be replaced. Ford stopped making the Probe in 98 so there’s no way to get a newer one.

I got the Eclipse and although there were some things that were obviously different I was keeping an open mind about it and trying to get used to it. I loved the car when I first got it and couldn't believe I had one. But the more I drove it the more I’ve grew to dislike it. There is so much more car now and for some reason I don’t like that. The windows are oddly slanted so that it’s difficult to see out of them when I’m trying to back up and the spoiler blocks most of the view of the rear window if that makes any sense. The Probe had a spoiler but it didn’t block the view. My old car could turn on a dime but this one cannot which makes U turns almost impossible. My old car was only a four cylinder but it had lots of zip to it, this one is a V6 but for some reason no zip. I live in the Midwest and winder/summer is hard on concrete, therefore we get a lot of potholes. For some reason when I hit a pothole in the Eclipse it hits it hard and I feel it 10x more then with the Probe. At first I would stop and get out to look for damage it would make such a hard hitting sound I was sure I had damaged something. Despite the Eclipse being a larger car the Probe had more trunk room. Plus the Probe had much better gas mileage. Although the Eclipse is higher off the ground the bumper is lower therefore I have to be really careful or I can scrape the bumper on speed bumps, driveways, steep hills.

There are things I do like about the Eclipse. Larger interior space is nice. The radio controls on the wheel is a big plus. The V6 is a plus. It certainly looks better than my Probe does right now although I think the Probe was hotter looking when new. It holds value.

I don’t know what to do. I certainly can’t just go buy another Probe since it will be a good ten years old, although I’m tempted. I doubt I’d be happier with a different car unless it was a Probe. A couple weeks ago I went to a Beach Boys concert and they had some love song about a car and I actually cried.

Hopefully I just need more time to get used to it, although it’s been around four months now. Why oh why did Ford stop making the Probe. = (




Mar 31, 2007
I long for my old car all the time! It was a Chevy Corsica, and I had pimped it--kind of. LOL. I miss it a lot. I wish I could still drive it, and I get jealous whenever I see operational Corsicas in good condition on the road. There aren't many of them left! Mine looked just like the one on the Wikipedia page! I drive a Corolla now and I pretty much loathe it, but hey, it's paid for and I'm not trying to buy another car ANY time soon, so I'm stuck with it for awhile because I'm going to drive it until I can't anymore and I'm FORCED to buy another one.


My happy place!!
Aug 10, 2006
I understand what you are saying!! I just bought a new car three weeks ago, and while I love it, I find myself missing my old SUV, which I had for 6 years.

In fact, when the dealership sold it this week to "someone else" (gasp...the horror!)....I'm not ashamed to admit getting a bit weepy about it!!

BTW, my very first car was a Ford Probe...and I loved it dearly. I was pretty sad when I sold her and bought my first brand-new car (which was the SUV I am speaking of above....)

Give it some more time, I'm sure you'll learn to love the Eclipse.


Jovi Junkie
Apr 20, 2007
I loved the Ford Probe. I currently have a Ford ZX2, which they no longer make any more either, and don't know what I am going to buy next and I'm sure I'll be sad to see her go.


<3 life
Aug 20, 2007
I do not miss my old car. I currently drive a Honda Civic Hybrid sedan, and it's so nice having four doors and not going to the gas pump more than once every two weeks or so.

I had a VW Beetle and it sucked up gas (I had a turbo), broke down a bunch, and while it was super cute to drive in the summertime, it was really sucky to drive in the winter snow and ice.


Got a handle on it
Nov 2, 2006
I have been driving mini vans for far too long. I miss my very first car. I saved up for it on my own and I loved that thing to death. It was a 92' (I think) fire engine red acura integra. Two doors, sun roof...sporty. I loved it. I used to fly around in that thing. Now I am a mini driving mom. Sigh. One day I will be cool again.


Louis Vuitton Addict
Oct 30, 2006
When the kids were younger & I was always carrying their friends I bought a people carrier, a Toyota Avensis Verso. Now this car had a huge space between the two front seats where my handbag could sit very comfortably. Now with a BMW jeep the handbrake is there & I have to stretch into the back seat for my bag :sad:
Aug 29, 2008
I miss my first car all the time. I love my stupid old car so much I still own it, even though it doesn't run. I live on my own in another state now, but the car is sitting in my dad's driveway with an off-road registration . . . which sounds less childish and silly if I don't say it out loud. I'm going to go back to the kids' table now.