Have you ever waxed your arms?

  1. Hi, everyone!
    I have an appointment today to wax my forearms. I'M SCARED!!!!
    I have never had them waxed before. Up to now, I have only bleached my arm hair. In fact, my hair is not dark, it's kind of a light brown/dark blonde, but it is kind of thick and long and when the sunlight hits my arms, well..........I look like an animal! LOL
    So what I want to know is:

    1. Have you ever shaved your arms, if so, what was your experience like?

    2. Did it grow back in stubbly?

    3. How often did you have to get it re-done?

    Hugs :heart:
  2. Yikes, I'll dive right in and admit to shaving my arms!!! My hair isn't really dark-it does come back a little stubbly and I've been doing it for 10 yrs. or so. If I had more expendable cash I'd opt for permanent hair removal but my face has priority for that treatment! Gotta love my family genes-wish I was hairless,LOL.
  3. I used to do it all the time....shave them, I mean. I have waxed them in the past, too. It really didn't make a difference. I never had the stubble like one gets on their legs because the hair is so fine. I haven't messed with it in years and I can't figure out if I now have less or I am just not bothered by it anymore!
  4. no. i've known people that do it though and honestly unless your arms are naturally hairless, waxed arms remind me of chicken...
    i think it's much better to bleach them, no matter how much hair you have. it's one part of the body where i think hair is necessary.
  5. Yes I have waxed my arms... before coming to the US I did it - it's very common in the East to get it done. I loved how smooth it made my arms feel. And here, I shave. My arm hair is really soft and it doesn't really grow back stubbly at all, and I get the same smooth effect. I only shave lke once in 3 weeks or so... don't have the need to do it more.
  6. I used to shave my arms. Mine don't grow back stubbly or anything but I have fine hair on my arms. Never waxed though
  7. i shave mine, my hair IS dark and thick, but the stubble never has come back the way leg hair does, it's much softer and finer. Eventually I will probably get it permanently removed.

  8. I do this too. I cannot deal with hairy arms.
  9. I wax my arms, never venture to shaving because I was afraid of it growing back a bit stubbly. My girlfriend shaves them and I often can feel her hair poking me when she happens to stand next to me or something. I buy this brazilian wax from the beauty supply and get it down myself :nuts:
  10. I never have but my sister has I would not recommend for anyone to shave their arms. Her hair grew back longer and thicker than before and now she shaves it often it feels like leg hair maybe not as stubbly but definitely more than she did before she shaved.
  11. I just started a year ago and only get them done in the spring/summer. I have blonde hair but a few strands of dark red hair. I find that when it grows back, it does get spiky but I put on body lotion and it just smooth over and it is no big deal.
  12. I use Brown electric depilator (is that how it's called in English?) for my for forearms. My hair is quite light there, but I just love to feel skin without hair. It's really good, hair does not grow spiky as after shaving.
  13. I used to shave my arms but a couple of years ago, I had laser hair removal. After around 8 sessions, my arm hair is gone!