Have you ever washed your LV dust bag?

  1. If so, how did you do it to ensure it didn't get damaged or worse yet...shrink?
  2. Well, I've never really needed to, yet. I do think they seem suitable to wash on the delicate cycle. I wouldn't put them in the dryer though; I'd just lay them flat to dry.
  3. haven't washed them yet.
  4. I never have either since they don't get dirty the way I use them...but I agree with speyta, don't put them in the dryer..or if you do, use the air dry setting.
  5. I had to once because my bunny peed on it. :p I just hand-washed it and ironed it after I hung it to dry.
  6. Yes, I have hand washed a dust bag in lingere detergent and air dried. Worked out great!
  7. Actually one of my dustbags ended up in the laundry and got washed. It took out some of the colour, but it did not shrink. :upsidedown:
  8. Yes, I have by hand. If you should press afterwards be careful not to place the hot iron over the lettering, I learned the hard way!
  9. I washed mine many times. Always hang it do dry (it will shrink in the dryer). After it's dry I iron it and it looks as new.
  10. I have washed and dried one in the washer/dryer. It came out fine, did not shrink. Like someone else said, maybe the color looked a little lighter.
  11. I have never done it because its clean .. but I would to clean it in warm water and soap.
  12. I washed yedterday and no problem...
  13. I've washed and dried mine in the dryer. It turned out fine and did not shrink at all! :smile:
  14. I had to wash one of mine because the bottom of it got dirty in the car. I used the delicate cycle, then dried it in the drier. It came out perfect.
  15. i agree, you should hand wash it