Have you ever try those tanning spray like Model co or Neutrogena Mircomist?

  1. I just wanted to know which one is better to use?

    Neutrogena MircoMist Tanning Spray?

    Model Co?


    Or else?

    I'd love to hear about your experience with any type of tanning products.
  2. Generally speaking, Neutrogena makes a great product, but I have seen their old self tanning sprays go a little orangey and haven't ever used them, so I don't really know...

    Have you thought about Lancome? It's tinted so you can see where it's going and ensure you don't get any streaking. Clarins self tanner is also amazing - very natural looking. Those are my 2 faves
  3. i tried that neutrogena spray on mist stuff, and i followed the instructions, and the results were literally hilarious. i had to wear pants in the summer until i could scrub all that **** off. it didn't go on evenly at all, i looked like a zebra.
  4. Oh no! I had heard and seen it with their older sprays but I thought the new ones were better - oh dear god, you poor thing!

    The whole summer? Crap.....

    In my experience (and I work for a cosmetics company), Clarins kicks a$$, absolutely love it - and no, I don't work for Clarins I just have 12 years experience in cosmetics with different lines and have tried a lot out over the years - man I feel old! lol
  5. I just tried Lancome this weekend and was happy with it. It gave me a natural looking tan, it dried fast, did not stained my clothes, and most important it did not have that nasty smell. I also heard good things about clarins. Last summer I used sublime and it worked fine only I didnt like the smell and it stained my clothes.
  6. Yep, I had an experience like Amanda's with Neutrogena! It totally sucked. I scrubbed and scrubbed to get it off my legs and managed to rub my legs raw in a couple of places.:Push: It was a horrible orange color, did not go on evenly, and smelled. That is the main complaint I have about most self-tanners--the stench!!! It literally makes me retch. Guess I'm doomed to be forever pale....

    I have heard good things about Lancome as well, so maybe that's the ticket!:smile:
  7. i've never tried that stuff...i stick with the jergens lotion stuff. my SO thinks i smell like a puppy after a bath afterwards tho... :P
  8. Okay, I've tried Clairens, Lancome, Clinique, Nutregena,Coppertone, Estee Lauder, that Jergens Lotion w/ color, and none of them work like..... Loreal Sublime! It is awesome, you get a real color tan. It's actually a tan color with no hint of orange at all (which I found with all the others). It's gradual so you don't look tan all at once. They have a lotion, a gel, and a spray. It's all streak free too. You just have to watch out around your ankles and elbows and the bones on either side of your wrist. I love it, it works great. Good luck!!
  9. I tried neutrogena and was pretty happy with the results, the only thing I would warn on is that you make sure you spray it in an area that you cannot ruin - like outside lol.

    the first time I sprayed it on, I got it on the walls and now there is brown goop on the walls that refuses to come off. the second time I sprayed it in my hallway which is hard wood flooring and it made it super slippery that on my way out i totally slipped and fell on my butt!

    I decided to not use spray tans in a can anymore because of the drama they caused that had nothing to do with my tan.
  10. What About The Smell?...Any & All I Have Tried Have That Bad Smell....I Think That Is The Worst Part.
  11. Do not try the spray from Neutrogena. Let's just say my legs are spotty, stripey, and orangey. I'm having to wear pants until this stuff comes out. =( The self tan foam from Neurtrogena is good. I'm Asian and it actually came out a normal color. The only reason I tried the spray because the Target I went to was out of the foam kind. Well, never again.
  12. OH my god!! I have the MODEL co tanning kit and it does WONDERS!
    It comes with a spray tan, moisturiser, and body sparkler/spritzer thingi

    I tried the stuff on the first day of spring sun and it was good. Also smells quite sweet.

    When you spray it on, it looks like you've sprayed a big brown spot your leg when you first put it on, but once you rub it in, it looks good enough. Also, not as orange as some other tanners. Jergens is horrible.

    Also, after rubbing the stuff in, wash your hands and it will be good =) Others have left marks on my palms.
  13. the nuetrogena spray actually worked well with me. the foam was horrible orange and streaky. I havent tried any other products except nuetrogena. maybe I should try clarins or lancome!