Have you ever tried to buy other brands than LV only to come back again?


It is what it is
Jun 19, 2009
I was reading a post where many of us agreed that LV is going overboard with their prices. I bought my NF GM right before the increase and still paid $888 with taxes. To me, that is a lot for any bag, but such a casual bag at that. But, I am a casual woman with two young kiddos and it does fit my lifestyle.

I have tried so many other brands: Coach (which I still love some of the leather styles but their quality vs their rising price tags=not so much), Linea Pelle, Rebecca Minkoff, MBMJ, etc and have never really been too pleased with them. I really like LV, so much that is surprises me. I still feel strange about spending so much on it, even though I have no debt from it. Am I silly?

Has anyone else felt like this or tried to buy something other than LV to only come back?

I know if I returned my NF, I would probably really regret it.
Nov 5, 2009
Yup. Unfortunately LV has a good hold on me. I had bought a Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutch and returned it; bought a different color and returned it again. No offence to the Minkettes out there but I just couldn't do it even though the leather was nice. I do however still like Gucci but it doesn't appeal as much for me as LV does. So to answer your question, you're not silly, just nuts for LV! :nuts: But I have to say that the 2 price increases have really forced me to slow down. I still buy LV but think really hard about what I buy now.


Feb 4, 2011
actually, LV is the most expensive brand of purses that i've been smitten by recently. nevertheless, with the recent price increase, i'm beginning to turn to bottega venata. i find that even though i love LV, the quality somehow pales in comparison to bottega venata (i'm only comparing the wallets to one another as i only have a bv wallet, no bv purse). i do love that lv purses' do not depreciate in value...and my wishlist only has lv items on it. sigh....guess, i won't be leaving LV afterall.


Jan 11, 2008
I only like LV... well, that's not true - I like Hermes, but I would have to sell my entire LV collection to fund one Hermes bag... so I stick with LV :biggrin:

To me, the price rises don't matter so much. Yes, its annoying, but it hasn't stopped me from buying.


Feb 23, 2008
I'm in the process of getting rid of some of my old purses to fund me some LV, but I love a variety of brands just mostly LV atm. I look at what suits my style the best, not just the brand. :P


So Proud!!
Mar 30, 2008
I used to have other brands simply because I liked them & not as a "protest" against LV. Alas, they sat in my closet unused and have been sold. I was always reaching for the LV so now I simply admire the beauty of other bags & carry the LV I have.

Either way, designer brands are all expensive and the worthiness is up to you. The Antheia Ixia & Mahina bags are worth it to me so I bought them & use all of them. Hermes bags are not worth it to me since I don't like them so they are not on my radar at all. Price aside, it's about what I like & what I will use.