Have you ever travelled alone?

  1. This is a topic I love discussing (even more than handbags:shame: ).

    I hope this has not been asked before as I haven't gotten through all the threads. Anyway, I do most of my world travel on my own. I even did a one year RTW trip on my own. I don't think it is strange since I met many others along the way who were doing the same but a lot of people I know think I am a bit crazy.

    Have you gone anywhere by yourself? If so, where?
  2. I love to travel too,and like you I've done most of it alone:smile:

    I've travelled through South East Asia (Thailand,Vietnam,Cambodia,Laos),Mexico (backpacking all over the country,not lying in a resort LOL),and most of Europe on my own.

    That is...I leave alone. As you say,one meets so many similarly inclined people also travelling alone;people who are happy to join you for a few days,that one is very seldom really alone!! I remember having to work very hard in order to get a couple of shopping days free in Bangkok :lol: .

    There are a lot of things I've done that I wouldn't have thought of had it not been for chance encounters with other people along the way.Good things!!:biggrin:

    Now that I'm engaged I still travel a lot,but always with my fiance. He loves to travel too though,and he has also lived in many countries like I have,so we have a great time together and still meet loads of other people.
  3. I flew back to Florida from summer camp in North Carolina when I was 13 :lol: :P

    Last year I traveled alone for the first time for a long weekend. I flew to DC to visit a friend who worked as an intern at a radio station up there. It was a great experience! I navigated the Atlanta airport by myself :wacko:
  4. :nuts: Ive flown everywhere in the US alone however, last year I took a week off and went to Puerto Rico alone I rented a car and stayed at El Conquistador. I had a spa treatments and partied at the clubs and went sightseeing everyday! I had such a fabulous time that I will be going to Paris in July solo. I am so psyched I can hardly wait!:amuse:
  5. Well... I've taken numerous flights on my own... Jeez... I'm a pro at that every since my summer camp days a long time ago! And one time I went to Poland sort of on my own to meet family members I had never really met before. Oh, and same for a trip to Sicily...but once I got to each of those places I wasn't truly on my own...

    So you mean like a total vacation where the rest of the trip you're with out friends, right?

    Only once... went to Nice & Cannes on my own. None of my roommates in Paris wanted to go because of their finals so I just went. It was sort of nice, I got to do everything I wanted! No compromising or complaints! BUt...on the downside there was this freaky guy that kept following me around and that made me uncomfortable and at night it wasn't like I went out by myself...I would've eaten dinner alone at a restaurant if it weren't for the freaky guy so I just ended up taking food back to my hotel with me for the nights.

    I think for the most part I'd prefer to travel with one friend or my bf though. I don't care about taking flights on my own and meeting people somewhere, but just to have a companion to share the experience with is pretty important to me.
  6. For ten years I travelled alone and loved it! No one to wait for and weigh you down! I could go where I wanted, when I wanted.
    I have gotten used to travelling with the DH though I still miss the old days!
  7. I always travel alone just coz I live by myself.. most of my travelling though are have just been in the US so I guess, when I travel somewhere away from the US, maybe I can ask my bf to go with me..
  8. I haven't but I'm considering it. All my friends are off to uni so none of them can afford a big adventure, and all the girls I work with have family commitments. I would love to see more of the world, but I guess it can be dangerous as a young girl traveling alone. I think I might wait a couple more years and in the meantime go away with my family.
  9. In my 30's I travelled to Paris and London on my own - had the best time, met people everywhere I went - I loved being on my own time schedule and not having to compromise about anything - Even at dinner, people talk to women alone. It was delightful! The past years I have travelling with BFand others - My best trips were alone - only everything is more expensive for a single traveller. That's the major downside.
  10. ^^^ Too right,Suzy...One usually ends up spending the same price a couple would pay for a double room!!

    And once there was a sad time in Barcelona where I really wanted the set menu in this restaurant,but it was for a minimum of two people:lol: :lol: .

    i wouldn't have missed out on any of those experiences for the world...and while travelling with DF has its own charms,I miss the old days sometimes :biggrin:.
  11. RTW means Round the world or Ready-To-Wear (pret-a-porter)??
  12. I have been flying on my own since I was 18...so for a long time, all over Canada, the states and Europe. However...I would never book a trip to somewhere and just go exploring on my own for the entire trip. uh-uh lol that's not me...I need a friend, family member or husband with me. My friend went all through Africa by herself..I admire her, but I would just feel scared and alone. :biggrin: I think I could do it for a day...but not any longer.
  13. round the world.:graucho: :cool: sorry, saw the new smilies and had to use one! well two.
  14. I took a trip to Bar Harbor Maine by myself a few years ago. It was the best vacation I ever took. Bar Harbor is ,IMHO, the most beautiful place in the world and soooo relaxing.
  15. I only travel on my own for work. I went to San Diego for a meeting a couple of years ago, and I had some extra time, so I went to San Diego zoo on my own. It was depressing... everyone was in pairs or groups, I never felt so alone.... :sad:
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