Have you ever told a potential buyer to just go away?

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  1. #1 Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010
    I have been trying to sell a bag used 2-3 times by Best Offer on ebay.

    My best lead was in contact on ebay every day but really haggled me down to my lowest price and then wanted an extra $50 off. It doesn't sound like a lot but I think she is getting a great deal and I refused to budge. I'd already dropped as low as I wanted to and even offered to meet her in a public place (since we live in the same city) to save her postage costs. AND I never ever allow pick ups/drop offs etc.

    Now the listing has closed she has been in touch and asked me to relist the bag at the price she wanted even though I have told her my ebay fees will be $150 so I don't want to go any lower. I have offered to sell it to her via Bonanzle for her price or just for her to do a bank deposit and I'll arrange bag delivery. That would freak me out a bit but she will get to see the bag and it can't go missing in the post.

    Plus she only contacts me once a day and it is always after 11pm.

    Is she yanking my chain? Have you ever cut off your nose to spite your face or if I relist do you think I'll get a more serious buyer? I'm so mad I'm even thinking of blocking her from bidding :cursing::mad::rant:. Am I losing it?:wacko:
  2. Ack! I have definitely had buyers like this before too. I currently have one that is offering me MUCH less than my BIN. Everytime I relist... I get the same lowball offer...Hello I am not THAT desperate!
  3. Oh yikes! I did have another one who offered a low-ball amount. I politely replied that she might reconsider given the condition of the bag and then she sent an offer back with the same price. I was furious!
  4. Just imagine if she's this much trouble before buying, how bad it will be if she receives the bag and changes her mind. Ugh.
  5. Do you need to sell this bag now? Maybe wait a few weeks and try again.
  6. Woody.. IF you allow this buyer to pick up her bag, do not let her pay w/ PP. Have her bring you cash.
  7. CS yes I am wondering if a few weeks might be better. I'd love to clear off my cc debt with this bag but it can wait another month I guess.

    Whats the deal? Is everyone broke from sales/xmas?

    Smooth - I hear ya. As I was typing out my post I started thinking it all sounds a bit suss.
  8. Yep, cash is king in this situation
  9. I asked her to pay via direct bank deposit and when the payment cleared I woukd arrange a delivery time with her. Does that sound safe?
  10. As long as their is NO WAY she could file a fraud complaint w/ her bank and get it back. You might ask your bank if this is even a possibility. I still think I'd prefer cash.
    Make sure you take someone w/ you if you meet this person.
  11. Mmmmm maybe I should just put the bag back on ebay. I don't really want to do a delivery even though we discussed a local busy cafe. What if I gave the bag to the wrong person or something stupid like that?!?!
  12. Once I relisted a purse about 4 times before I finally got what I wanted for it. Almost each time the same buyer contacted me with some lowball offer, and offers to buy it off of ebay and all these other things SHE was willing to do to save ME money LOL! Same kinda thing, I'd get about one email a day and it was always well after I was off my computer. When I listed the bag for the last time I just blocked her from bidding. I think some people just like to haggle and see how desperate you are and see if they can wear you down. I agree with waiting a month or so and re-listing your bag, but I would also block her if she is bugging you!

    I do think everyone must be broke. I had about 10 auctions going and all were for low priced items, under $100, 1 person never paid, 3 people used e-checks and 2 bounced. It's been CRAZY! I'm going to wait a few more weeks before I list anything.

    Good luck!
  13. LOL.. that's why she pays at pick-up. Whoever has the $$ gets the bag!:biggrin:
  14. EM - LOL!!!!

    NG - how frustrating for you. Its funny on ebay when you realise eveyone is not like you i .e. bids on what they can afford and intends to pay!
  15. After reading your entire thread, I must agree with the others who say just hold on to your bag and relist another time. Block this person as well! From my experience troublesome buyer before the sale = troublesome after. Please save yourself the stress. You still have your bag & it won't lose it's value. I've relisted a couple bags 3 - 5x before fairminded and honest buyers came along and it was worth the wait (along the way, lots of lowballs & crazy requests as well, lol). Good luck!