Have you ever thought about space, sight, etc...

  1. Now..Before I even start, I'm not looking for any philosophical answers to my questions - those will just confuse me :Push: :yes: Just wanted to know if anybody else ever wonders about these things :shrugs:

    ...Space. Have you ever really thought about it? Really...about the concept about something going on and on and on forever. How can it go on forever? There has to be an end somewhere. And if there is an end, what comes after Space?

    ...Seeing. Now, I know that this topic has been long debated, and we covered a week on this in my Biology classes in college, but it's still something I don't really believe and don't understand. Do you see the same things that I see? Is your what you call red the same as what I call red? What if your red is my blue? How would we know? We're trained as children to know that the bananna (when it's ripe) is Yellow. But who really knows what yellow is. Is your Yellow my purple?

    ...Time. How does time work? What happened before time started? Will it ever end?

    hehe, things like this come into my mind sometimes :smile: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    Anybody else ever think about these things?
  2. I think about these things ... but in the end, it doesn't matter as long as your blue and my blue are consistant (ie where my blue ends and starts is the same as yours). That's why color blindness is a problem, it lacks the same consistancy.

    As for time and space, not sure how to answer that. Perhaps we cannot comprehend it because our timeline and size are finite.
  3. Yeah, I think about these things, especially the whole space concept, about it going on and on and how insignificant we are in space, and who really discovered that sapce went on and on surely it has an end? And how does it end? Does it just stop? I try not to think about it too much it gets me all worked up and stressed out.
  4. Wow, this is a brain-stretcher!

    Yes, I think about these things. I've been a closet astronomy buff since I was a kid...

    One of the most profound modern astronomers, IMO, was Carl Sagan. His now classic book Cosmos has a chapter called "the edge of forever," and it talks about the universe and whether people think it's finite or not. There was a theory that our universe (if finite) is really just a single elementary particle in the next universe 'up' from us, and that that concept continues forever! And, in turn, an elementary particle in our universe (an atom), if penetrated, would find itself to be an entire 'universe' in itself. And so on, getting smaller and infinitely smaller. :s

    Seeing colors: I guess it's all in how we perceive things...and really a function of the light reflecting off of things.

    Time: yeah, this is a real hard one! In reading about the 'big bang' theory, it boggles my mind on how long the timeframes are (I can't even comprehend a billion years, let alone multiple billions of years) and how vast the distances are (light years, etc). So I can't even comprehend if there was anything before or after!

    After pondering all this, I just go back to thinking about my next purse conquest :lol: .
  5. Stella....I do this all the time. Time, space, dimensions, etc.
    Another thing that really gets me is bridges (how do they stay up?), tunnels (why don't they collapse), the internet (ummm how does all this "stuff" travel to each computer).
    I'm a psych person....so this abstract stuff really boggles my mind!
  6. I've thought about it.....don't know when I stopped thinking about it though and why I stopped. Hmmm...
  7. I had a friend who is doing his PhD in quantum physics and is a genius at making incredibly complicated concepts simple to grasp. It's mind-blowing. I will ask him to recommend a few books for the layman, if you're interested, lamiastella!
  8. Books would be helpful!

    I enjoy reading about these things and trying to understand them more. But once it starts to get philosophical and big-wordy, I'm lost, haha!
  9. i think about this all the time! i always go around in circles and i cant comprehend it, i think about if there are really UFOs or anything out there, i mean if its infinite there must be soemthing i doubt we are just by ourselves. I also think its the unkown that facinates us, we cannot possibly know everything and if we did life would be quite boring and living really would make no sense.
    I similarly ponder about death the same, to be honest im really scared to die and we live for such a short time. I keep thinking what it would be like when I, I acctually die and the world keeps on living what will happen will it just be darkness into non existance? i think that sounds the most practical? i personally dont believe in any religion that deeply i similarly cannot comprehend the idea of heaven and hell. i guess one day all there questions will be answered whether we are consious or not?