Have You Ever Taken Out A Bag That You've Had Put Away Awhile and Rediscovered Her?

  1. I did that today. I hadn't worn my golden Fiore Audra bag in like a year (old style, I know)....but it's such a shimmery summer color! I was so pleased! I'm like "baby, I missed you so much! Let's go out and play!"
    So glad I didn't part with this one. Makes me think I should never sell anything ever again, lest I change my mind! :graucho:
  2. oh all the time lol!!

    Its fantastic, as like you say, you rediscover what you loved about them, and wondered how you could have stopped using them for all that time!!!!
  3. I've recently had to go through my bags again, because DS is finally potty-training in earnest (fingers crossed, lest I jinx it!) - so out come the big guns! I have rediscovered my Not Rational (NR) EK Sub, NR Sofia, and Ani Nadia (though that one was in my rotation list already). I love it because it's like going shopping all over again ;) And grechen's thread has really inspired me too!
  4. Oh yes! My Kooba Sienna in desert is my S/S bag so she came out of hibernation recently!!
  5. LOL! I recently brought out my kooba scarlett in Desert. I didnt like it when I first got it. It looked too 'new' and I thought it was a bit 'Indiana Jones' for me. I even listed it on eBay a few times, but luckily for me, mosts Brits arent clued up on Kooba. After that I put it away and recently bought it out and started using it every day. Now its been broken in and the leather has patina-ed , the colour much better and I cant believe I was thinking of selling it!!
  6. Oh, yeah! I do that from time to time, and it's like seeing an old long lost friend! I might have a bag tucked away for 6 months or so, and then pull her out and use her like it's brand new!
  7. ABsolutely!!! I have some beautiful vintage Gucci bags from years ago that I recently started carrying again....I always get so many compliemnts.

  8. I actually tell people that I went shopping in my closet. I love finding something "vintage" from my own storage and pulling it out! I put away some old Bal Bags and found them again. I wasn't that into them for a time now I'm so happy to find them!
  9. i'm so glad i read this thread...for some reason, i fall in love with bags, buy them, and after about 3-4 months get tired of them and retire them into my closet and don't use them ever again...then one day i open the closet and get the brilliant idea to sell them on eBay for a fraction of what i paid for them!!! i'm going to try to do what you guys are doing and use them again!!
    thanks for the idea!!!
  10. Yes! I have closets in different cities so this happens all the time. Right now I rediscovered a brown Prada saddle that I am going to wear all fall.
  11. all the time. it's like buying a new bag again. Whenever, I want a new bag, I just pull out my old rested bag.
  12. Last night I was going to a club and needed something that could hold a lot but small enough to put under my arm...Kate Spade!!!