Have you ever switched multiple stylists at the same hair salon?

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  1. I like this hair salon because its very close to home and its an award winning salon where there are so many great highly trained stylists to choose from.

    The owner cut and highlighted my hair several times but I don't feel a connection with him. He has a bit of an ego and he ignores me, talks to other people while cutting my hair. The last time he gave me highlights and a cut I didn't like very much.

    I would like to try several different stylists until I find one I like. They even have two locations to choose from, and two other owners to cut my hair that are supposed to be great. Would you keep trying different stylists or would you go to a new salon alltogether?
  2. I'd keep trying new stylists at that location, it's convenient so if you find a good one there it'll be better than finding one at a salon further from your home!
  3. Yep, keep trying out different stylists until you find one that you click with. My hair stylist is also a friend of mine, and she says they totally do not take that kind of stuff personally, so no need to feel uneasy about it.