Have you ever stopped yourself?

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  1. Okay, being a girl who just blew a lot of money on Chanel, Balenciaga, and LV this past year, at what point do we say STOP?! :weird:

    Did you ever feel that you should refrain from buying something you love? If so, how do you stop yourself? If you do not refrain, is there guilt after ANOTHER great purchase? :sad:

    How do you justify a new bag? I guess I'm trying to find reasons to make me feel better after my last Bbag:lol:
  2. I stop myself by sitting down and adding up how much money is sitting on the shelf in the closet.
    I justify my purchases by saying:
    I got a good deal on that, ie sale, ebay, PF member purchase
    I had a really bad/stressful time at work and I need a treat.
  3. Sometimes, but once I buy it, I'll keep myself from being too guilty. My justification is that I deserve it!!! HAHA! But if it's too big an acquistion (like having the SA tell me to decide on the spy in 20 mins), than I'll usually have the sense to stop. My usual thought that is able to stop those purchases are my children.
  4. I'm 1/2 Catholic, the whole Catholic guilt thing works pretty well.

    But I guess I look at my savings and my debt (student loans) and that pretty much stops me. Also I don't want to carry any credit card balances.
  5. I usually charge my purchases and pay for them at the end of the month. If I can't imagine myself handing the SA hundreds of dollars in cash, for example, 12 one hundred dollars for a Bbag, then I will not make the purchase.
  6. I am stopping myself from buying a new Mulberry every day. Just received my Pheobe in Mocha, and am enchanted. I must have it in Oak ... and I don't have the funds. :hrmm:

    Am spending the day boxing up stuff for a yard sale next month - whittling down the magic number with each box I fill.

    "Honey - you don't really want this old thing any more, do you ??"(Read here: Makita power drill.) He better start nailing stuff down, or it's gone. :nuts:
  7. I'm not an impulsive big ticket buyer. I'll browse and if something haunts me and I can't stop thinking about it then I'll go back. IF I still love it when I see it again, then I pounce!
  8. I ususally talk myself out of it. I'll really want something, but then when I can actually buy it I think, I wont use this, I don't need this, it wont go well. But then I usually regret it & end up buying it later! I always figure, if I continue to think about it after I let it go it's ok to buy it if I find it again. A lot of the time though I'll regret it for a day or two & then simply forget & move on to something new!
  9. I have been stopping myself from buying a very sparkly Gucci bag for the past 3 months...It's still there for those of you who remember, under the glass display:sad: It's $6000. Too much for me to spend on myself at once! I showed my DH too, he stopped too.:sad: :lol:
  10. I do have guilt if I keep buying more of the same brand. Last month I purchased only my second Chloe and Balenciaga so that was acceptable but this month I have gone over board on LV so I'm preparing myself to learn restraint!
  11. I looked at was in my closet 2 weeks ago and then went to the store. I came back without anything! It seems crazy to keep on spending when I can't even use all of what I already own in a month. Just trying to keep it all in perspective for now!
  12. Sometimes it's easy to talk myself out of something. I was looking at a brown Fendi Spy today, and while it's fabulously constructed, it's too big, too expensive, and I can't wear it on my shoulder comfortably. That was that.

    About the only way I can justify an expensive bag is if it will be used, and it will last. I couldn't care less about impressing others, name bags don't thrill just because they're designer, and if it won't last through the season, or it will show age quickly, what's the point?

  13. I stop myself everytime I log onto this damn website and see another bag I desperately want! Because of what I spent already this year, and because there are a few big purchases I want to make- I have told myself that I simply cannot justify buying the chocolate Jimmy Choo Ricki, the blue claire Paddy, another b-bag, or chanel tote- oh , the list just goes on and on! I call it a purse diet- its temporary, but much needed!
  14. My interest tends to die down before I should stop myself... once I get a bag I really love, it satisfies me for a while!
  15. I keep track of how much I spend and I do set a limit on what stuff I buy like everything else except LV has to be around 35 - 50% of it's retail price. I shop on Bluefy, eBay and the outlets for those and I pay as low as 20% retail price for bags. For LV, I have 2 bags....one purchased by myself and one by my BF. I have a limit of maybe one more if retail or 2 more if it's used.