Have you ever stopped a total stranger & asked her about her bag?

  1. The other day I saw a woman sporting a gorgeous green bag. I was about to approach her and ask her about it but she turned and walked away. At that point, I felt silly yelling "wait! wait!!!!'

    I'm still thinking about that bag! It looked so nice and soft.

    Have you ever approached a total stranger about her/his bag?
  2. Yes! Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw a lady with a hand-woven bag from Guatemala, it was even more beautiful than the ones I have, and the colors were so unusual for the genre that I asked her about it.

    She was very friendly, and told me that she actually had it made on a visit home, and specified the colors!
  3. I've never stopped anyone myself, but I have been stopped! It was when I was carrying my mint green baby Giselle when I first got it about 5 years ago. It really made my day, so I would say as long as whoever it is doesn't look like they're in a rush, go for it!
  4. I haven't, but definitely would if I saw the bag of my dreams on someone else's arm. I think the person might find it a bit weird, but be flattered at the same time. I would especially ask someone if I were in the United States--people there are a bit more open and approachable than people here.
  5. Oh yes. I've done it a couple times and have had it done to me as well. I think women with great purse tastes (that would be all of us, for sure) have the need to stick together and share the knowledge. We are a definate sisterhood of sorts!:heart:
  6. I've done it a very very few times, and only about clothes. It's very embarrasing usually.
  7. LOL I think you're right. I have a couple of exceptionally beautiful Miao embroidery bags that I have never left the house without at least one person stopping me to ask me about them, and how can they get one!
  8. YES! And I always give compliments also.
  9. No - I'm a Brit, I would be too embarrassed if the person I had stopped looked at me as though I belonged in the looney bin!
  10. just like fendifemale i've stopped and complimented many times. you dont' always get the response you expect, some people are friendly, some people have no idea what they're carrying, and some people are just straight up rude lol (can you tell im not shy and have asked a few times b4? hehe) i've seen some nice coach purses, and a fanatic i am, i usually go "oh i love your purse" (even if i dont 'LOVE it i just like making people feel good about the product they're carrying as it's what i usually carry lol...) most of the time a polite "thanks" and a few words exchanged is all...

    this one time i told this chick she had a cute wristlet, it was a dooney & bourke, and it wasn't even the style i liked... and she was rude lol.... i just smiled and went along my way.

    it'll never be embarassing for me, i love what i love. i think it's embarassing for other people who give out the blank stare when asked about their belongings... i find that amusing hehe

    can't we all be friendly?
  11. I am flattered when people ask me about something I am wearing, my handbag or who high lights my hair, so I am not shy about asking about anything on someone else because I know they will appreciate more than being annoyed (with a few exceptions, I'm sure)

    they say imitation is the best form of flattering ;)

  12. that Oxfam thing in your signature is fabulous, when i'm not in the poorhouse myself, that is a lovely idea!
  13. Yup - I saw this girl on campus with a beautiful bag, I had to do a bit of detective work to try and find out which building she was based in but I eventually managed to track her down & asked her. She was SO flattered, she said it made her day that someone liked it enough to ask! Now we share knowing smiles whenever we see each other :yes:
  14. Thank you! But all props go to the person from whom I stole it, and I am mortified that her name will not come to my fingers :shame:
  15. I haven't, but I have been tempted a few times.

    The last time was in Italy though, and I don't speak Italian, and I couldn't be sure if the woman carrying the bag knew any English, so that's why I didn't say anything in the end.