Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone, tried something on....

  1. that you felt was totally not you, only to discover that you love it?

    That happened to me today. :shame: :rolleyes:

    I'm normally a "safe" dresser. I live in solids...I never really touch patterns. Don't laugh...today I tried on some camouflage shorts and could not believe how great they looked!!!:nuts: :lol: I bought them.:yahoo:

    Who knew?:girlsigh:

    Maybe I'll have to try on something else soon...:angel: :lol:
  2. You should! I do this once in a while, especially after I've seen someone wearing something I really like but normally wouldn't go for myself.

    Camo on women is VERY big here, I tried on some Miss Sixty jeans w/ sodarkalmostcouldn'ttell camo inserts near the pockets the other day, the SA said she'd sold 4 pairs that day! LOL!

    Looked bad on me though :sad:
  3. I tend to wear a lot of colors, pattens, etc....I am a big fan of Pucci...BUT...I stopped wearing miniskirts about 3 years ago, as my DH would tease me about my "chicken" legs...I just bought a gorgeous knit Missoni backless minidress for the fall, and decided to hell with the chicken leg worries.....better they be chicken legs than the opposite!!! Funnily enough, the first person I tried the dress on for commented on how nice and long my legs looked! So I think I will bust out the occasional mini...which is definetely outside of my current comfort zone!!

    Buttery-glad you like the camo shorts....I love wearing camo with brighter colors on top....pink, yellow, etc.....
  4. Congrats on discovering the fantastic camo shorts!! Do you have a pic available of them? :yahoo:

    I'm very much the same way -- up until this past winter, I had amassed a closet full of "safe" solid, neutral pieces. That is, until one fateful day at the end of last winter when I tried on a Nanette Lepore suit that was like nothing I had owned before. Since then, I've made it a point to try on pieces that are different and to add fun pieces to the safe ones I already own. Although, in my experience, it's been a dangerous discovery -- I've encountered far too many great pieces, but I'm slowly running out of closet space. :angel:
  5. I try to do this once in awhile -- don't know what you like or what looks good on you until you tried it.
  6. i've never had rules about what i would or wouldn't wear. life is too short and clothes are too fun. my closet is a jumble of contradictions.
  7. I have so many moods that there isn't much I don't have in my closet! I can do the corporate monkey suit, boho, suburban mom, sultry hot mama, monochromatic look or the extreme opposite of a Pucci style print, you name it. It's like playing dress up when we were all kids.

    As long as it fits, looks nice on me and isn't over the top (I AM 51!) I'll wear it.:supacool:
  8. anything thats out of adidas, nike, and sweats would be out of my comfort zone. but i've slowly been moving out of this need of comfort, i LOVE my miss sixtys and my joes, i would have never even thought about skinny jeans if the bloomies SA didnt make the mistake of bringing me one. i've also started to dip my toes into buying shirts that arent like crew cut at the neck, a couple of V lines. i've realized i can look cute and comfortable instead of living in pj wear for my whole life lol.
  9. Yea, I agree.. i have NO comfort zone so it's basically open. As long as i can work the look, it's all good!
  10. I never thought i'd wear skinny jeans until recently and now, I'm in love with them. I started with the 14-inch J brand and now, I'm wearing the 12-inch!
  11. Absolutely, yes! I hope I never lose that fire inside of me. I know what looks good, but I keep an open mind and try things on, whether I spot them or my SA suggests. I'm on the brink of 40 and hope I never get too closed-minded to stop trying something new! :yahoo:
  12. I'm like this, but I do gravitate towards girly or librarian-ish clothes. I'm always looking for more contradiction though. :nuts: