Have you ever started hating a favourite item, when you saw it on someone else?

  1. In my case it was a hazelnut brown leather jacket, cut like a classic denim jacket that I really loved. One day I saw the jacket worn by another woman; she was about four sizes bigger than me and had the jacket wrapped around her hips which made them look as if they were totally out of control.... :cursing:
    To me this somehow downgraded the jacket and I did not wear it for a very long time... :crybaby:

    I still have it though and I think I'm going to give it another try and wear it again; it's a very good quality leather and looks really cool.

  2. My sister complains about how she can't wear anything of hers if she sees someone else wearing them. Especially if they're nine years younger than her :greengrin: (she's 23).

    I personally haven't seen anyone wear the same clothes as I do, except that a couple years back there was this woman who took the same train almost every morning as I, in the same coat as I, just a size smaller. She wore it totally differently. It was really short and tight on her, whereas I kept mine loose. It didn't really bother much me back then, because it looked so different on her.

    I would, however, be very upset if I saw someone else with the same bag as I. :sad: I like to think my bags unique even though they're obviously not. I just hold them so dear.
  3. My problem, is when friends or family copy something I have. I just got a new phone because 6 of my fiance's family members got the exact same phone.
  4. I usually have the opposite problem. Being a "woman of size" hehe...I have often noticed things that I own on smaller women and it looks so good on them that I don't want to wear them anymore. I ended up returning a Balenciaga City bag that I loved because it looked so hot on someone else that I felt foolish carrying it.
  5. Haha, you're not alone on this one. Even though I'm definitely trying to work on it, it sneaks out every once in awhile. :sweatdrop:
  6. No, because that's nuts (at least to me).
  7. I agree! Example: If you're shopping at a store and find a pair of shoes that you like, your shoes are not going to be unique because they are available in most sizes. Chances of someone else having the same item is pretty likely. Unless you have your clothes/shoes custom made, someone else is going to also have the exact same thing as you.

    It doesn't bother me at all, in fact, sometimes I find a great item (like a jacket or a pair of shoes), and then I look for it in my best friend's size so that she can have it too since she doesn't get to go shopping much since she has a kid and is working full-time. (I work full-time as well, but don't have any kids yet....)

    I don't mind if others have what I have but sometimes I do have to coordinate with my friend if we're meeting for lunch to make sure that we both aren't wearing the exact same item!!

    In fact, sometimes if I'm on the fence about buying something, if I see another person carrying the item (for instance a purse) and it looks good on the other person, I will then buy the item for myself. But, then sometimes it's the opposite, I buy the item because my friend has it and it's cute, but then on me, the item doesn't look as good, so back to the store it goes.
  8. I hate, hate, hate seeing other people wearing my clothes! I don't mind if the person is in my family or my friend, though.
  9. I wouldn't care unless it was something supposedly one of a kind. I buy my clothes from major retailers so it would be silly of me to expect no-one else to have them :shrugs:

    The only time I was mad that someone else was wearing the same thing was when I went to my senior prom and this girl (who I absolutely hated) had the exact same dress in the same color. It was a very expensive dress that I found on clearance at a small boutique about an hour away from home and the store only had two of them-- a size 12 and a size 0 (this was before vanity sizing got out of control, so that was REALLY small). So I figured I was safe, but when I got to the prom I realized that this girl had bought the other dress :push:

    My saving grace was that it was the kind of dress that you really needed curves and attitude to pull off, so I filled it out perfectly, but it just hung on her and made her look like a mousy little girl playing dress-up. Everyone kept coming up to me and raving about how much they loved it, but it looked so bad on the other girl that very few people even realized it was the same:noworry:
  10. Sometimes....if I see a LE bag on someone who doesn't look right wearing it, I actually just feel sorry for the bag, lol !!!
  11. Nope, it doesn't really bother me if I see someone else wearing clothes or handbags that I have, BUT I am irritated if I see stuff I buy on sale or clearance racks going for less than I paid! Thank goodness that hasn't happened to me with handbags (*knock on wood*), but it's happened with clothing purchases many times. Hence, now I never buy things from major retailers (Banana Republic, etc.) unless they're on sale to begin with!
  12. i am actually interested in seeing how other people work these items into their wardrobes/style... sometimes i see something on someone and it is something i was on the fence about and it looks so awesome that i track it down... there is so much stuff out there that this seldom happens so it is actually kind of interesting when it does...
  13. Yes!!!!
  14. This happens to me on and off. Sometimes I'll see a jacket or shoes that I have on someone, and they just wear it so wrong, I'm sure you guys know what I mean by that.

    Then again, sometimes the opposite happens. I'll see someone completley rocking a similar item I have, and it almost inspires me to try something similar to what they're doing (I usually try to make it my own though.)
  15. Hmm.. makes me glad I wear jeans and T shirts all the time...

    And I haven't bought new clothes in... YEARS, so naw, wouldn't bother me, I am probably the only one wearing it anymore anyway!