Have you ever spotted fake LV's in the LV boutique?

  1. I've actually seen some customer's w/ fake LV's at the LV boutique in South Coast Plaza. I wonder if they know they're wearing fakes....
  2. I have seen people walk in with their fake bags asking for repair or asking for authenticity. In those cases, they didn't seem to know they had a fake bag. Then the SA had to deliver the famouse line, "This is not our product."
  3. that would be devastating!

  4. OMG!
    I wonder if people actually have replica's hot-stamped in a LV store! :O
  5. Yup and no SAs were approaching them to ask if they needed help.
  6. Yes. I've seen some customers appear to almost compare their fake to The Real Thing. Whatever a fun Saturday afternoon means to you...
  7. Wow. No way!! Lol.
  8. Brazen and tacky unless they just really want to know if theirs is real. Maybe it was a gift and they just want to make sure...peace of mind kinda thing.
  9. Granted, only ever seen this in the department stores, and not just LV. ;)
  10. Understandable at the bolded. But I imagine it does put SAs in an awkward situation.
  11. Yikes...that would take some nerve.