Have you ever sold a bag and then regretted it?

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  1. Or what is the bag that you sold and are happy that you did?

    I am asking this because I am in the process of moving now, and I just saw these bags from the back of my closet, and I can't even recall the last time I used them (except for the first one or two times right after I bought them, as I have this tendency to wear something as soon as I bought it). In my case, the cerf tote (in black/beige/burgundy), gst (black/beige/patent red), a few seasonals (e.g. the vip flap with the boxy hard bottom). And right now, with the rumours (or confirmation?) of discontinuing the gst, I don't know if I should sell them... I would really like a fresh start in our new house, with closets that I can utilize to its fullest, hence the downsizing of useless things. And my other concern is that I have never sold any bags so I am also a little worried about the logistics and the process in general.
  2. I have sold a few bags that I haven't used, or haven't used as much I should have to justify their price. I haven't regretted anything I've sold, I've just been relieved to have de-cluttered my closet! I'm trying to be a lot more mindful of buying bags I actually NEED versus just bags I want.
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  3. I have actually done the opposite. I've been super hesitant to sell a bag and then when I finally did sell it I was super happy. So I tend to be in the sell camp. If you aren't actively using and adoring a bag it needs to GO!
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  4. I sold a double face jumbo the same price I bought it which was for a song. This was to fund an Hermes Kelly. Five years after, I still regretted it :smile:

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  5. There is always the risk of regret, but as you haven't used them in ages, I doubt you will regret selling them. Especially if you use the funds for something you really want (whether a bag or something for the new home).
  6. I've sold around 15 bags and there was only one that I regret selling: a white caviar single flap jumbo w/shw. From that experience I learned that I should only sell bags that clearly don't work for me (I.e. Can't fit my essentials, annoying opening, etc.) and keep the ones that I may not be using at the moment but it typically works for me and I may want to use it in the future. OR at least really take the time to think about it before selling (I sold the bag hastily to help fund another bag).
  7. yes, I had some medical bills I needed to pay about 4 years ago. I had a beige GST and a chocolate bar dark brown tote that I loved. I thought at the time- I'll sell them now, pay my bills, and I can always buy them again later. Now prices have exploded and I can't afford to. I especially miss my beige gst.
  8. I have sold a number of chanels... especially vintage once... I regretted selling those beautiful small shoulder bags..... single flaps with single chain and small camera bags....i am still kicking myself even now!
  9. I didn't sell a bag but actually threw one in the garbage once. It was a Louis Vuitton petite noe. I was 19 at the time and was moving and cleaning my room out and figured I would toss it cause I never wore it and it had an ink stain in the interior and the vachetta was really uneven. I look back at that moment sometimes and think to myself what a dumb@ss I was lol.
  10. I sold my LV Noe in black for a very cheap price 3 years ago :sad: regretful even now..
  11. Honestly, I sell and regret often! Lol. And sometimes, I just rebuy it....the struggle is real!
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  12. Thanks everyone for the replies. I decided to get some quotes from online consignment shops that are recommended on here ( Fashionphile, Ann's closet), but the prices are very low. e.g. a brand new black GST was only quoted $1500usd for the buyout option. (I don't want to do the consignment option because I have zero patience and would rather to be done with it, esp now with the move). So still have no idea what to do right now as i don't want to sell my bag at such a low price, it is almost insulting lol. I have just packed my wanting-to-get-rid-of bags in a few separate boxes for now.
  13. The GST I would sell on my own and get all my money for them. List on Tradsey or EBay. Under no circumstances should I sell brand new bags for less than half especially as the Resale on them is good right now
  14. I reckon you should keep the bags if whenever you wear them it makes you feel happy and special. If you have doubts about a bag maybe keep it for a while and if its still bothering you, you should let it go. Im planning to sell my jumbo soon.
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