Have you ever sold a B bag only to repurchase it later?

  1. I recently sold my Black Day. I had purchased it through aloharag and I just never fell in love with the leather. It wasn't as soft and smooth as I wanted it.

    Now I am thinking about buying another Day bag. This time, I plan on buying it at NM so I can pick out the best one to my liking. I'm not sure if I will stick with black or see what other colors they have in stock.

    What about you? Have you ever done something like this?
  2. Shamefully, yes lol. A few times. There were red twiggys, cities, days, black cities, and I'm still on the hunt for another caramel 03.
  3. I did this with a black city. I bought a new one ('06), decided that I didn't like the leather, sold it, and bought a GORGEOUS '05 off of eBay. :yes::yes::yes:
  4. No, but I recently sold my Emerald City and have been hoping ever since that an Emerald Twiggy comes along for a good price...
  5. i haven't done it with Balenciaga yet but have unfortunetely done that with LV before--i bought a multi speedy, sold it just to re-buy it a couple months later
  6. I have a rule...if I return/sell it once, don't re-buy it! I returned it for a reason even if I can't remember why!!!:nuts:
  7. Yes. Actually, I sold and bought back the exact same bag that I used to own. LOL!!!
  8. In a way, although not exactly. I sold my Black Work and also my Black Purse because I thought the colors were really where Balenciaga was best. But I'm a New Yorker and black is my thing, so I ended up purchasing a black mini-bowling. The style suits me better, but I didn't expect to end up with another Black B'bag.
  9. Guilty!!

    First was an 05 caramel day on eBay. I sold it and regretted it. About 5 weeks later I emailed the buyer saying that if she ever considers selling it to let me know.

    Well she replied right back and said she's not even used it yet so I can buy it back!! So I did!!

    Second was an 04 black city. I regretted that immediately and got an 05 (even better, thicker leather) black city instead!
  10. Heck yeah! I bought and sold two or three '05 Caramel Cities already. Also, I have purchased the LV Multicolour White Speedy 3 times (I know it's not Balenciaga, but it goes to prediliction:p)
  11. I sold my INK work after used her for three month and bought back a brand new one.
  12. Guilty :sweatdrop:... and I'll probably do it again. I still regret selling my grenat first so I think I may buy another one.
  13. Yes mam! I initially wanted a BI part time, but, wasn't able to find one. I bought the city. Then, I came across the day in BI with amazing leather and bought that. I then decided that since the BI worked better with my summer wardrobe which is more casual, I would keep the day and sell the City. Did that. A few weeks ago, my day handle broke right off, so, I had to return it to NM. I was then left with nothing in BI which was one of my favorite colors. Then, low and behold, I was able to score my BI PT in brand new condition. Whew! What an ordeal!! HAHAHA!!