Have you ever sent in a bag before?

  1. I sent in a shoulder tote raspberry it bag. The two leather rectangles that attatch the hadles on the front were not turning with age. I had tried water and it was even out in a storm :wtf:! I had an oppertunity to talk to some of the designers in october :yahoo: when I had first noticed it happening. They told me to send it in and because I have been so busy with everything I hadn't had the time to send it in until a couple of weeks ago ( I haven't used it since I talked to a designer in October). I think those rectangles were sewn on backwards because the leather strap that holds on the heart tag has only one side that turns. I had talked to a person on their live chat option and asked her if I would get half credit of the original price or would they replace it with another bag. She said that it was possible, but the people who would inspect it would make the choice. So have any of you ever sent a bag in and what happened?
  2. Yes, it takes a while to hear something. You will get a form in the mail asking whether you want the bag repaired (if so, the cost) or if you want to apply a discount towards a new bag. (that is if they are going to cover the problem)...
  3. Thanks for your help noshoepolish. If anyone has sent somethimg in what was it and what did you choose?
  4. I have had most of the stuff I sent in repaired. I had 2 Gladstone Bags refurbished. I sent in an alto dr bag and they lost it so obviously I have an RMA with a few bucks off toward a new bag. I fot a new strap for a newer bag.
  5. I have to send a mini sac. My son picked at a stitch and now it's loosening up and may come undone.
  6. Thanks guys, but I really don't think they can repair mine since they would have to take off the parts and sew it on again in exactly the same place. If it were fabric it may not have been such a big deal. LOL. Oh well.
  7. I would get the small east west slouch (glove leather) if I were you.
  8. I got the letter today and they are giving me a credit of $235 (full price of the bag)! Toto too that's exactly the bag I want to get! I just want to see it first before I get it.
  9. I just ordered it today. It should come in 7 to 10 days.
  10. I haven't. Hopefully they give you full price back.