Have you ever sent food back at a restaurant?

  1. I can only remember one time that I sent food back, and it was two weeks ago. I ordered a patty melt and when it arrived there were two things wrong with it. It had the wrong cheese on it, and there was a piece of a latex glove sitting right in the middle of it. I sent it right back and had it replaced.
  2. The only time is when my steak is not cooked well-done. I'm a bit picky about that so usually I say from the get go it is ok to butterfly my steak.
  3. Of course! Not a big deal if you are polite about it. If it is not what you ordered, you should absolutely request the correct order. Or if you try it and positively do not like something about, many restaurants would prefer a satisfied customer and may not mind adjusting the order to your liking. I've sent meat back to be cooked more, and once I had a bloody mary that was just WAY too spicy and I even offered to pay for another one but they insisted I didn't pay for the other one. Most places are very accomodating. If they are not concerned with making their paying customers happy, then I wouldn't want to go there.
  4. If it is completely wrong or not consumable then I will, but if it is something minor that doesn't detract from my dining experience... naaaahhh. I've witnessed some nasty people that treat staff like dirt over some silly things to be too discerning.

    I personally can not stand it when my steak is overdone! Takes all the flavor away... :sad:
  5. I had to last time I was at California Pizza Kitchen because I am very allergic to black beans and I told the waiter and they left out the black beans but forgot the chicken on my salad. They were very apologetic.
  6. I'm not shy in sending stuff back. I'm never rude about it, though. I usually send things back when they're not hot enough. Especially soup!
  7. not once. i feel waayyy too awkward doing it. my mom has done it several times because she's picky.
  8. Honestly, I would be a little resistant on sending food back.

    If I did, I probably wouldn't want anything else..not even a refill.
  9. haha I don't like doing it because I'm afraid they will spit in my food or something...but I have.
  10. ^ I'm with Danica I don't tend to sent it back I'm afarid of "extra special garnish"
  11. After seeing television programmes on what they do in the kitchen when you send food back then there is no way I would do it! If it was ever so bad that I had to I would do without a replacement.
  12. only when the meat was cooked way to rare for me.
  13. I have sent something back... only once at an Italian restaurant and the dish was wayyy to salty!

    I've always been shy about it, but my boyfriend used to work at an upscale restaurant and he always tells me if your dish isn't something you like or will eat send it back, it's not a big deal. Restaurants are all about customer service.. they want you to come back.
  14. That is a great idea Eugin!

    Mr Puff always tells them he wants it well, well, WELL done, but occasionally he gets one that is not sufficiently reduced to ashes, so I am going to suggest that he give them the freedom to butterfly!

    Edit to actually answer the question. I have been very lucky, and the only thing I have ever had to do is remind them that I had asked for fiddle head ferns instead of asparagus or something, and they always just bring you the other one free! :biggrin:
  15. That's only for the people who are nasty about the food they send back.

    I don't think the chef would mind if you're nice about it. The chef just wants to be treated with a little respect, that's all.

    Right way: :yes:
    "Excuse me, but I just realized this pasta sauce has clams in it and I'm allergic to shellfish. I'm sorry, I should've realized. May I please have the angelhair pasta with pesto instead?"

    Wrong way: :confused1:
    "Idiot! Is your job THAT difficult? I'm allergic to clams! You should've told me there were clams in the sauce! Bring me something else without clams, and try not to screw that up, either!"

    I haven't sent food back, but I've seen my parents do it, and they're nice about it.

    Seriously: 'please' and 'thank you' is not that difficult.

    The ones that don't use those words and are mean about sending back their food are the ones that get their food 'decorated.'

    To borrow a quote from the movie Waiting: "Dont F:cursing: CK with the people that handle your food!"