Have you ever seen...

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  1. a person make something really expensive look really cheap? Some celebrities have a talent for this...:lol:


  2. LOL! She is so disgusting but I'm sure Ice T loves her for her mind.
  3. that chanel dress on mariah is the most unflattering thing i've ever seen.......she looked like she was about to bust out of it at any second........and far be it from to criticize Karl Lagerfeld, but you'd think with two great talents collaborating they coulda come up with something better......or at least something that fit.....
  4. I can't believe people leave the house dressed like that. :sick:. I guess you could call this look, "hooker chic".
  5. Exactly! I never thought in a million years that Chanel would ever look so cheap.
  6. Coco's actually carrying a fake Manhattan PM, it was never made in denim..
  7. Seriously? :lol:
  8. My eyes!!!!! I guess she had to get her boobs super sized to cover up that big ol gut! Some things are better left covered up!!!

    Let's see how many fashion don't can we count!
  9. I thought that looked like denim....No such thing...
  10. Who is this Coco character? I've never heard of her. Perhaps she placed an SO for the bag?
  11. If it is an actual SO, it's pretty sloppily done. The placement of the denim is off, compare the LVs on the pockets of hers to Uma's.


    Sorry I can't help you with who Coco is though.. :blink:
  12. coco always has fake LV - she wore a fake MC speedy aswell
  13. she's ice-t's wife. i think she used to be a stripper or a porn star or something.

    lol, i dunno, look at her and use your imagination. whatever you come up with, you're probably right.
  14. really?!?! i thought she was a politician or a harvard professor :nuts::biggrin:
  15. ughhhhh....