Have you ever seen....

  1. Gucci ice cube trays??? I can not wait to use them!!!:yahoo:
    pics 212.jpg
  2. I've seen these! cute!
  3. Thats funny! How did you get those!
  4. From the Gucci store in the Bahamas!
  5. how fun.
  6. I saw them online before. I begged my friends to buy me them for a party I was having. I am jealous!
  7. LOL, those are cute. a must have for a gucci lover.
  8. From Nassau Bahamas??? I'm going there in a month or so. May I ask how much they were so I can save up for them? :smile:
  9. yes, I have seen it in the gucci store...very kawaii
  10. I have seen them before they are cute!
  11. i saw some at the outlet in seacacus, nj
  12. Too cute!
  13. I think NM had them in a catalog. I wanted to buy them and my boys want to buy lego ice cube trays - go figure!
  14. Ohhh, hot! I saw these a long time ago in a magazine or something... you'll have some very stylish drinks hehe :smile:

  15. im gonna cry :sad: i got excited and found them on NM .... for 25 bucks!! but they are out of stock