Have you ever seen this ?

  1. Here it is!!:love:
  2. I never even knew they sell fans! :lol: You learn something everyday.
  3. I don't know before until I saw it in the boutique and took it home :sweatdrop: . They also has vary of fan collection like J'dore, Girly too.
  4. woahh!! that's adorable! i would use that as a display piece or something, soo cute!
  5. aaaaw soo cute! :heart: i want a girly one :love: :yes:
  6. really cute for a dressing table
  7. Creativity. The things they come up with :smile:
  8. heh, vicky, you win hands down in having the cutest dior accessories! those bracelets, the watch straps, this cute fan...
  9. Thankkkk Youuuu :yahoo:
  10. Oh wow I want that fan! It'd be like cooling yourself off on a hot summer's day in STYLE!!!
  11. So cute!! :biggrin: