Have you ever seen this style of Cambon python?

  1. I love it. They had one at my local boutique in the glass case and it was beautiful. I love it!
  2. Anyone else familiar with this cambon edition?
  3. Wow, at first I only looked at the thumbnail and thought "what python?" and then I clicked the pics and WOW, it's a twist on the cambon line, I love it!!

    $1200 though... ouch!
  4. same here :lol: i clicked on the link 3 times cos i couldn't see the difference until i clicked on the enlarged pix and saw it!!! it's nice but looks so scratchy :supacool:
    like if u had it under ur arms and were wearing sleeveless or shortsleeve
    wouldn't it scratch a bit?
  5. I like it but it's too pricey
  6. I have never seen this one myself, I didnt even know they did it! I dont think its worth it though, I would rather get the usual white calfskin leather. The python doesnt look very noticeable does it?
  7. I agree!
  8. Haha it's funny someone is selling theirs because i've always wanted to know about that bag. They had one in the glass case for about a year or so, and i believe it's still there in Tysons Corner, VA.