Have you ever seen this kind of wallet?

  1. Hi! I don't have a pic. (or the cash right now) but I've seen a few long monogram wallets with an ID slot and about 6 slots for credit cards and a coin compartment. Would these be fake or just discontinued wallets? I love the Koala but don't think it's big enough for me, and I love the idea of an ID slot. Thanks for anyones insight:love:
  2. The only wallet I've ever seen with an ID window is the Koala, but I'm not sure about vintage ones.
  3. Oh!!!! I didn't know the Koala came with an ID window!! Maybe I could make it work if I got the matching credit card holder:biggrin:. Anyone have a Koala they can comment on? Now that my puppy's surgery costs have been taken care of it's back to purse therapy for me:smile:
  4. what happened to your pup?
  5. I love the ID slot too, but havent been able to find a cute wallet with it. My next wallet is going to be the Bearn wallet and that doesnt have one either :sad:
  6. The Koala also has 9 credit card slots, I believe. Lots of room.
  7. Dawson is my fawn great dane who slipped while getting off the couch, smashing a big glass vase and lacerating both achilles tendons on his back legs. My vet is expecting a full recovery but he was not happy with Dawson's progression at his re-check yesterday. He walks very crippled right now and it is heart wrenching to watch. I sold my whiskey paddy to help offset the $1500 vet bill. I would do anything for him though!:love: A boardie bought my paddy (yay!!) and my BF gave me $1000 today to help as well.
  8. I bought a burberry wallet (why oh why I don't know as I carry my speedy 30 everywhere and don't even own a burberry purse:shame: ) So now Im thinking of selling my burberry and getting a koala.
  9. Which Koala is the best to get? The epi looks great but the Damier looks good, too. Which style holds up the best? I know the epi is all leather and the Damier is canvas, but does it make a difference? And how is the Vernis in terms of color transfer- how carefully do I have to handle wallets in that style?

    You know, I promised myself my epi speedy would be the last big purchase and then I got a big tax return and now I can't help but want to spend a portion of it on a new wallet! :love: :nuts:
  10. Do you want to sell it?? LOL:biggrin: I've went to elux to see it just a few minutes ago but they don't ship to us Canadians:evil:
  11. I like the damier but I'd get the monogram as I have the mono speedy 30:smile:
  12. LOL, nice try... but, no. I feel you pain though, I live in Calgary. I'm kind of glad they don't ship to Canada though cause if they did I'd be broke. I guess it's just the perfect excuse for you to make a trip to Toronto or Detroit. ;)
  13. Oh, well, worth a shot! Ive never been to Detroit to shop but I do go to TO where they have the LV boutique and Holt's:biggrin:

  14. I loved the Koala from the moment I saw it and so instead of waiting like a rational person I bought it when if first came out. It was only in the monogram then. If I'd have know they were going to make it in damier, MC, and epi I would have waited and probably got the damier. I like the rounded closure on the mono and the damier better than the pointed on on the MC and the epi.

    It's not that I don't like the mono, because I do. I just would have maybe prefered the damier, for a change. I think the mono or the damier would probably hold up the best. I don't own anything epi, but I think it would probably be durable too.