Have you ever seen this Coach?

  1. I found this bag at a boutique but have never seen it before! I have been trying to find out what it is worth but have had no luck! It is in perfect condition, doesn't even look like it was ever used!

  2. wow..that's interesting
  3. The style # will be on the creed inside. HTH! :tup:
  4. Yea I have the style number but still cant find it anywhere :sad:
  5. You can call Coach's toll-free number with the style number and they should be able to give you the style name and maybe even the retail price.
  6. OHHHH good idea!!!!! You rock! Thanks, I didnt even think of that!
  7. YEAH! Just called and she verified that is was made in 2003 and its call the Straw Small top handle :smile:

    Thanks again!
  8. It's a really cute bag!! Glad you were able to get the information you wanted!
  9. Yea I thought so too! Thanks :smile:
  10. Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Cute!!!!!!!!!
  11. Oh good, glad you got the info! :tup:
  12. That would be a very cute summer bag imho.
  13. I love the interior!
  14. Very cute! I have the straw basket bag that was out this same year and has the same interior. I love it!
  15. I think it is from 2003 and it was $298