Have you ever seen this bracelet??

  1. Here is the photo of it!

    Have anyone ever seen this in the boutique before. I have couple of accessories from this makeup collection but never see this bracelet before. Any ideas?
  2. Please, Mon , Penny?

  3. LOL! Me? Why me?

    Actually no Vicky I'm sorry I have never seen the bracelet. I have seen other pieces from this collection but never the bracelet. I'm sorry.:shame:
  4. Why you?? ---- Coz I remember your name very well :idea: (lol)

    I still wonder. I'm not so sure whether I ever see it or not?? I compared it with my items and it looks real. Anyway, not sure but wanna get it to complete the collection.

    Thanks a lot ,Mon for your fast reply!!
  5. I like the eyeshadow quad on it. so cute.
  6. Oh, you want to know if it's authentic?

    I think it is authentic. I can tell by the details on the bracelet. Also, I think this seller is reputable. Maybe you could ask for a picture of any details on the box and of the makers mark just to be sure.:yes:
  7. Thanks a lot Mon but.....someone already bought it :'( and it's so cheap at 145 pounds!

  8. Oh no!:crybaby:
  9. I haven't seen it Vicky - sorry.
    It is a great look and I would love to have a bracelet like that. I am sorry it has already sold. Such a great bracelet.
    Thanks for adding me in there with Mon, I am honored to be in such company!
    So glad you are back to the forum- missed ya!:heart:
  10. What a great bracelet - so cute! I wish you'd been able to snag it! I want one myself now haha :smile: Hope you find another very soon! :smile:


  11. :yes: Thanks penny for your reply!
  12. You wouldn't know how hard to find one with a super cheap price ! :push: