Have you ever seen this bag???

  1. i saw this bag on the local trading website. im not sure if ladies know the name of it???seller claims that she paid more than $3000 for it?? :wtf:
    i have never seen such bag before :nogood:.........
    any ideas ladies
    39185534_full[1].jpg 39185574_full[1].jpg
  2. I saw it. it's from the 2003 cruise collection
  3. I've seen it before but I think it was a yellowly colour I don't know enough about the bag to say if it's authentc or not but I have style was made
  4. Looks really fake and plastic but since I have never saw the bag style before, I really dont know
  5. I think it is called the Bi Color?
  6. it came out in yellow, red and green.
  7. I've seen it before also but can't recall the name of the line...

    Try PMing John 5 - he may have a pic somewhere

    If you are thinking about buying it, please ask for lots of pics and post them in the Authenticate This LV thread