Have you ever seen the Medium Paddington on sale?

  1. If so, where was it? I am tempted to call all of the places in NY that sell them to see. I think I'm too embarassed to do that, though.

  2. I take it you mean the standard/medium satchel?

    If so - It went on sale at several online stores late last year...it was a case of first come, first served. Occasionally, these items still pop back up now and again, but you have to be quick as they might not always have the style/colour you want in the sale.

    Here's a few for you to check out - when the sales come in, i find these are the best sites to go for:

    luisaviaroma.com ::: home page :::
    Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM
    Neiman Marcus Online
    aloha rag online select shop :: martin margiela, chloe, lucien pellat-finet, tsubi, corto moltedo

    (Amongst others)

    Also - don't be embarrased about phoning around for a sale paddy, go for it - you never know what you might find!;) You might get lucky!:yes:

    If you're after a specific colour, the ladies here will do their best to help you find it, too:yes:
  3. Thanks, Chicky. I check those same websites every day throughout the day. I just sold all but one of my other handbags (a louis vuitton) so I can add Chloe to my collection. I just bought the Edith Bowler-which I love!!! I thought my next best purchase would be the Paddington. Thanks for the help. In case anyone is looking, I would like a white, whiskey, or black one.
  4. yes, in the sales over here in the UK, the rouge went on sale briefly, the black went on sale, as did the aubergine and the dark blue metallic, so its definitely worth a few phone calls and seeing what you can find :yes:

    good luck!
  5. Will stores in the UK ship to the US?
  6. yes, but you would have customs to pay then, so not such a great deal after taxes etc... best to call around US first I would think :smile:
  7. They are not on sale, but Saks Fifth Avenue in Chicago, Neiman Marcus in Chicago, and Nordstroms in the Seattle area all had the white and the black medium paddys. I was talking to the SA's there about 3 days ago and they had those in stock. I think finding white on sale will be a little difficult since they just came out with their S/S white. You may get a black though, if you can get the SA to charge it to you ASAP when it goes on sale.:idea: The manager for the Chloe handbags in Seattle is Rachel and she is extremely helpful. I just got the jade green medium paddy with the silver lock and hardware, and she will keep an eye out for what you want!:jammin:
  8. I've seen them before on Net-A-Porter.com. A few months ago they had a tan and rouge for $924 USD. They've also had other colors on sale there.
  9. You could also try calling Nordstrom and have them search for you. Some stores carry Paddies, but their website doesn't have them, so you have to check with a SA. I saw one on sale a while ago and put it on hold (the deal was so good) even though I didn't want that color and another PFer got it.:yahoo: Often we'll post sale sightings, so check frequently in the Chloe forum.:yes:
  10. NAP has the red paddy on sale for $924
  11. I saw it. I just bought the edith bowler in the red. I'll keep looking!!
  12. Wait what!? I check it every day and i didn't see anything :sad: :sad: :sad:
  13. there was a mettalic blue on the UK site this morning.
  14. Generally in the US, the sales are going to be in June and December. Those are your best chances to get a paddy on sale.
  15. J'adore.