Have you ever seen the following Gucci bag on sale or in an outlet??

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  1. Hello, I am new to Gucci.... Here are 4 Gucci bag that I would love to have.... well anyone of them works since I do not have money for all 4.. hehe.. :push:

    Have you ladies seen any of these on sale or in an outlet?

    If you have, please let me know where and for how much~!! :smile:

    Thank you very very much for your help!!!
    Peggy 1655.jpg Chain Med Hobo 830.jpg Chain Leather 1250.jpg wave 1895.jpg
  2. the first one is on sale I believe. I think it is called the Peggy. Pre-sale is going on now and actual sale starts June 5th.
  3. Yes, the peggy is on sale. The two horsebit chain hobos in the middle are so hot and won't be on sale for a while. I saw a mini/small size of the white boston(?) bag at the Desert Hills outlet in February.
  4. Do you ladies know what is the sale price of that Peggy? Is it 30 or 40% off?
    Thanks so much!!!
  5. 40% off

  6. what is that forth bag called? do you think its still at the outlet? tia
  7. It's called the Wave Boston Bag.. But I called Woodbury, NY, they don't have it...
  8. I dont believe the last 3 will ever be on sale. Apparently they sell really well.
  9. do anyone know what colors are the peggy that are on sale?