Have you ever seen fake Theory?

  1. I just sold a tan suede Theory jacket with a rabbit collar on eBay. I purchased it at NM and retail was $450. I paid $200 on sale. I sold it for $60. My buyer just emailed me and she is questioning its quality/authenticity. I have never seen fake Theory. Have you? I have a feeling either the coat doesn't fit her and/or she has buyer's remorse. I don't want this crappy buyer to wreck my 100% positive feedback.

  2. I have wondered this as well becasue I have been shopping for Theory on ebay. Haven't had the courage to buy anything yet, though.
  3. I hope this doesn't sound snobby but who would knock off Theory? It's not THAT expensive/exclusive. Knocking off Prada I can see but.... Theory?
  4. I have not seen fake Theory..yet. I know there is a lot of Diane von Furstenberg knockoffs on eBay and they are around the same price point - so you never know. It sounds like the buyer is having second thoughts - I would just see what would make her happy and even if you don't accept returns, explain to her that if she wants to return the item and pay for all of your incurred fees that you will make an exception so not to ruin you 100% record. Better to do that than have her try to ruin your 100% - hope this helps.
  5. I doubt it. I agree the buy probably has buyers remorse. Theory clothes are not cheap but I don't see why there would be knockoffs because its not like they specialize in jersey and wrap dresses like DVF or have a distinctness that OH YEH THIS IS THEORY like LV has the monogram. I dunoo it doesnt make sense to me.
  6. I highly doubt it's been faked. Do you still have a receipt? Maybe you can offer her to go to NM and get it authenticated. It surely does sound like buyer's remorse to me.

    I'm about to post some NWT Theory pants on eBay that I bought last month and forgot to return in the return period. Sure hope that person doesn't bid on my auction!
  7. there are definitely fake theory but i only saw it in the puffy jacket line.

    fyi, it doesn't matter the price point... i've seen fake gap in china.
  8. Well, I scanned a copy of the original receipt AND the hangtag. I hope that's good enough for her. I probably should have sent the original receipt with the coat. She said that she has other Theory coats and the lining and fur quality seemed "different" from the others she has. Whatever. I can't believe she's making such a huge deal about this. I think the receipt and tag helped, though.
  9. Thanks for your feedback.
  10. Ally24K-- can you tell me -- The puffy jackets that are fake-- do they have fur collars? What signs would one look for?