Have you ever seen anyone you know here?

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  1. Have you ever realized that someone you know in real life is posting here on the forum?
  2. haha, no, but that would be very interesting! at least i'd have someone to talk to that i know about my obsession
  3. I've actually wondered that too! I haven't, but sometimes when I'm out shopping and I see someone with a nice bag, I wonder if they're here (on this site) but I'm too afraid/shy to ask!
  4. Hee hee...my friends would make so much fun of me if they read the things I post about here. I doubt any of them are here, though, since they would recognize my screen name, and then I wouldn't hear the end of it.
  5. Me too, I always do this same thing! When there's one person in a 100 mile radius carrying a b-bag it really does make you start to wonder.
  6. I always wonder too! I have a TPF charm that I keep on my keys. It would be neat it we could all display them on our bags as a charm to identify each other!
  7. No, never have. My friends aren't at all into fashion or handbags. They don't know what they're missing. LOL!
  8. I've always wondered this! It would be so cool! And I do the same thing too balihai88, I want to go up to them and ask, but I'm too shy!
  9. My sales girl in Nordstroms said that she posts here. I didn't ask her what her name is. I like being anonymous just in case I break down and tell you all something really personal.:graucho:
  10. Yeah, so funny, in fact she bought a bag off me (off ebay) years ago. Shortly after that purchase we became some what friends, she's here now.
  11. that is what tpf charm was meant for.
  12. Uh, I need one of those charms. Where are they sold?
  13. Never, don't know any people "like me" around here...

  14. that is such a cool idea...or some kind of twilly or something to differentiate our lil "secret society" :idea:
  15. nope, i really do not want my friends to know how much I spend on my bags. People tend to judge you on that alot....even if i thought that i might know this person..i'd probably not say anything.
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