Have you ever seen a fake Tod's handbags?

  1. I'm just curious. Has anyone ever seen fake Tod's??

    I'm hunting Tod's bags on ebay, and I don't know where I can get anyone to authenticate it. :sad:

    Since Tod's is not very popular like LV, Gucci, Prada, etc, I have an impression that there is no fake Tod's handbag. I might be wrong, though. :confused1:
  2. Oh yes, there are fake Tod's bags. A lot of the ones on E-bay are fake.
  3. ^ how can you tell that it's a fake tod's?
  4. I seen some woman carry fake Tods IRL. They are extremely badly made fakes...
  5. awww .. darn.

    Do you have any tips on spoting those fake ones? Thanks
  6. There are fakes on everything! You can always post here to make sure if an item is authentic.
  7. It's easier if you post a link to an auction..cause each fake bag has it's own unique fakeness (and yes, I know fakeness is not a word).
  8. I've seen fake ones at a (dare I say it) PURSE PARTY!:Push: ...way, way, way back when I didn't know any better! Now that I recall they were pretty good fakes but, then again I wasn't familar with them then. Ebay is just swimming with fakes, sorry to say!:sad:
  9. ok, never the example links I posted.
    I don't want to turn this into authenticate thread. :yes:

    Please let me know, what you see that hits you this one is definitely a fake Tod's bag! :nuts: So that I have some clues. :idea:
  10. Try calling the Tod's outlet in Orlando, Florida. I have no idea of the number but you could probably get it through 411. Because it's an outlet they might be willing to give you some hints as to authentication. Let's put it this way...I bought a tiny demin Tod's bag at the outlet and it was $250 down from $900. Tod's bags are pretty pricey... On the other hand, my sister bought one off of ebay and as she says...well, it looks real to me. She's got money, so no one would doubt that it's real...
  11. I actually saw TONS of them today at the flea market. My FIL is visiting and wanted to take back some purses for some of this "girl" friends. I convinced him to buy 4 bags that were genuine leather - no name - good quality bags for them versus the knock-off fakeroos that he was going after!!!!
  12. Absolutely...for years, I've been seeing fake Tod's "D" bags, the ones that Princess Diana made famous in the 1990s.
  13. i've seen people selling bags on blogs and other bag/forum type sites