Have you ever see this CHANEL bag?

  1. :yahoo: I love this bag but have no info. of it. Anyone can help??? The model? price? and where can I find it? Thanks in advance :love:
  2. So cute!!! Don't know what it is but it is an adorable bag.
    I am sure someone will post soon about the style and name of the bag.
  3. Thanks Penny! and I'm still waiting for other reply :roflmfao:
  4. is this the new perforated ligne I keep hearing about?
  5. That bag was release last (2006) spring/summer and came in navy blue and white. I haven't seen one in stores in awhile.
  6. I saw this bag in Navy on final sale at Chanel in Bergdorf's in June 2006.:yes:
  7. the Saks in BH has them. My MIL had one and it got ruined, I think you have to be really careful with it.
  8. Saks has this patent tote in navy & orange. I'll see if I can post pics.
  9. no worries, good luck
  10. Hi Vicky, saw this exact bag in white at NM in Palo Alto, CA today. It's cute but stiff. good luck.