Have you ever Ruined a White Bag?

  1. I see a lot of fear about owning white bags, but have you ever actually ruined one? I own several white bags and don't understand the problem and the fear over owning one, at least not a leather one. I really wish people would not criticize white unless you have actually tried one. :confused1: Maybe it's the fact that all of my white bags are Coach, which is very durable. I have a Legacy vintage leather Mandy, a Legacy vintage leather tote, a pebbled leather Hamptons carryall, and a white patent Ergo all in white and they all look like they've never been used. Maybe it's cuz I am careful with my bags, but nothing overly cautious - I just don't draw on them with ballpoint pen or drag them on the floor. I take them to work and have 2 kids and go to the grocery store with them so they definately get used. I have to be much more careful with my Kooba which is a grey color than I do with my white bags.
  2. Nope, but I have come reeaaally close to ruining two pink ones :p! I think I'm more careful when I'm carrying my white and other light-colored ones (like not placing them on or against dark jeans).
  3. I don't think I've ever ruined a bag, white or not :shrugs:...
  4. Well, it's not ruined exactly. But my white Balenciaga has jeans darkening. Anyone know what to do about that?
  5. Same here. I've had clothing dye transfer to numerous white bags, not to mention the accumulation of everyday dirt on the edges/corners. Doesn't keep me from buying them, albeit I won't pay as much for a white bag as I would for a darker color just b/c I know the white bag will show dirt faster.
  6. I just ordered the white pebbled leather ergo tote. So I'm glad to hear they hold up well.
  7. I love how crisp and gorgeous white bags look; I guess I just don't trust myself (and my three small kids) to keep it clean! Maybe you'll convince me to give it a go and try a white legacy bag...wait, don't enable me!
  8. I don't think I am really worried about "ruining" a white bag. It is more that the wear and dirt shows on a white bag so quickly and I hate dirty bags in general. I don't want to be a slave to my bag, cleaning it daily. With all that said, I really want to purchase a nice white bag this season and see how it goes. I think they look great. I will just have to give in a little and baby it a lot more than my other bags.
  9. I adore white bags, haven't ruined one (yet). I have some white accessories too, a coin case and wallet. White leather holds up better than most people think. My big problem is that I always get pen marks on my bags, pen marks are my enemy, so when I wear my white, I just don't carry a pen with me. Leather cleaner works well on general dirt and grime.
  10. No never have...I love white bags...matter of fact...I just purchased a Jimmy Choo Mahala in White. Very classic bag.
  11. YES first day i had it! also white suede jacket pen mark on back someone at work did it...will shy away from white now
  12. I don't have a full on white bag but I have a white coin case and the edges show dirt even though it's not dirty. Just worn looking. I was tempted to get a white Ali from our Coach outlet a while back but every single one on display (6 of them) showed wear. The edges of the white Ali bags showed wear marks on the edges from people handling them and then setting them down, I suppose. I still love the look of white bags.