Have You Ever Returned Something that Wouldn't Sell?


Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
This past year was my first year selling new bags. I have a few items that are apparently dead wood. I paid full price for them and am debating selecting a few to return. I have all the receipts.

I feel like I am being deceptive by returning things I bought to sell. I told the clerk I bought them as gifts, thus I could get my SIL's to help with some returns.

Just wondering if anyone has returned anything they bought to sell.

Feeling un ethical but I have alot of $$$ tied up in a few dead bags.

Any suggestions? Should I just eat my losses?

(They are Coach Bags)
no. i was told early on with the ebay boards that it was unethical. i'm not sure i agree 100% but since they i just can't bring myself to do it. i have many things i wish i had brought back because they're just sitting there wasting money and making me feel bad but i figure it's the cost of business.
Is it unethical? It seems to be done a lot though. I've never done it, because I don't buy to sell. So, by the time I list something, it's because I've decided I don't need it and it's too late to return it or I've already carried it or worn it.
It is unethical, because you are taking advantage of the store's return policy-if you want to make money reselling a lot, you have to buy wholesale! Seriously, consider a consignment shop or relisting them in a while-depending on their style, they might go-
I don't buy to resell. I suppose I wouldn't have a problem with it if the items are unused with tags.But to me, as soon as you walk out of the store with an item, means it is used IMO. Just like a car. I don't know many places that give lengthy return policies. Most places give less than a month.
If I were you I'd return them. Why have them sitting around and taking up your closet space?
I bought a Coach purse for my mother-in-law and was told the return policy was open ended. So even if it has been months take them back and don't worry about it. Considering the mark up on their bags you shouldn't even feel the slightest bit guilty.
As long as you haven't used it and it's a reasonable amount of time (not months), then I don't see any problems with it.

It's the people that used things and then return them - that's unethical! And disgusting!
This is actually a really neat question.

You are not breaking any law. You are not required to state a "reason for buying" at any point during the sale. If, for example, you bought 1 or more authentic last season Coach purses from T.J.Maxx and 1 or more amazing fakes from some other place and then tried to return the mirror replica(s) to the original point of sale while relying on the cashier's inability to spot a fake bag, then you'd be doing something clearly illegal.

The ethical aspect of this isn't all that clear to me. There is a certain "good faith" aspect that SHOULD be part of all transactions... so I suppose you'd have to come to terms with the fact that you are breaching that in order to make room in your closet.

I'd personally do it. I suppose that if I wanted an immaculate conscience at the end of the day, I would only do it IF the store didn't ask me to explain the reason for my return. In other words with a "no questions asked" return policy in place, I would reason that I have neither concealed nor volunteered the truth and would not feel guilty for returning the original item in its original condition to the store.:yes:

(on the other hand, it does feel strange to admit that I would actually do this... :sneaky: )

Good thread, though!!!
shoot i just lost the whole thing i wrote:

here's why it's unethical. take this example: on the deals thread there was a thing about the marc jacobs sale. there were huge lines and the people who were first were ebay sellers. they bought a whole stock of bags for 200 bucks. listed now on ebay for 300-700 dollars. their pergoative right? of course. but also on that line was joelle who REALLY wanted a bag and had been saving her pennies for the 200 sale. now all the bags are gone and joelle either has to pay the raised prices on ebay or not get it at all. then the ebay seller realizes they are not selling for 700 bucks and tries to return it. little joelle who waited 8 hours in line for her bag doesn't know this and now never gets it. how fair is that?

it's a fine line. i do believe in returning- i hate trying things on!- but returning because you did not make enough money to me doesn't seem fair to anyone- the stores (who end up losing money because by the time things are usually returned the are cheaper than before which gets reflected in price increases and more stringent future return policies) and the buyers- both those who could not get what they wanted when they wanted it and the ones who may or may not be able to return their things in the future if stores think their policies are being abused.

listen- as they say- you win some and you lose some. you dont usually get to say i lost so lemme take that back, you know? and by the way most things that seem like dogs will sell eventually.
I don't think I buy the argument about all the eBay sellers purchasing the bags so the woman who has been saving doesn't get one. Dealers have always been a big presence at auctions, estate and garage sales, and large advertised sales. Would it still be unfair if a B & M store came in and bought a bunch of bags first? It's the same thing, in my opinion.

I mean, I love a lot of luxury items I can't afford. That doesn't mean I should get first dibs when there's a big sale because that's the only way I'll ever get one of those items. I need to either save more money or accept that I want something that's out of my means.

Anyway, I'm not sure how I feel about returning unsold eBay items to the store. I've heard the argument that it is unfair to the store if additional mark downs have happened since you bought the item and, therefore, won't bring the same price it might have if you hadn't purchased it knowing you might return it. Maybe some validity there, maybe not.