Have you ever returned more than one bag at the same time?


Feb 8, 2009
Ok, I have been on a bit of a shopping jag. Sometimes I do this when I feel empty and then regret the purchases later. So I bought 6 bags, over a 2 month span. I exchanged one so am down to 5. But 3 of them I don't think I want. But I will keep two. I usually feel odd returning bags to the store and end up selling them on ebay to avoid return anxiety and the letter. And believe me it is not for profit so don't call me a reseller. I lose money on every one of them. But items on ebay are not moving and this part has become such a hassle.

I would like to return these bags to the outlet but am afraid of "the letter". Should I get a backbone and return them? Should I attempt to sell on ebay (at a loss)? Or should I just bite the bullet and keep 3 bags I don't think I want now. Believe I am trying to be more thoughtful about my purchases but sometimes the impulse (I am a compulsive shopper for real) is very hard to control.

If I return to the outlet I would probably drive to the one in the next state over and ask a male friend to do it since I am too embarrassed to do so in my "home outlet". I would feel better about it if there was something else I wanted to exchange for but don't think there is.

Have others returned multiple bags to the outlet or store and how did that go? Did you get the letter? Dirty looks etc?
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Dec 15, 2012
I've never had that experience. I wonder if they would be more understanding if you just explain that you're a compulsive shopper- not that you should have to, but perhaps they'd be more sympathetic. I hope others will chime in with helpful advice, and that it all works out well for you. ;)


Nov 30, 2012
State of Aloha
No don't feel that way they will understand:smile: just let them know that you did buy it coz you thought that you like them at that moment...it happens to all of us in different ways:smile: just return it.


May 10, 2010
I've returned more than one at once. I hate returning so I think I end up accumulating them until I can't wait any longer. Every time I return, I tell myself it is the last time but it never is. I wouldn't worry about it. If you resell them on ebay, shouldn't that be more of a reason for them to ban you than returning?

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May 3, 2013
Sonoma County, CA
I've returned more than one bag at a time and always feel guilty, but get past it. I keep WAY more than I return, which Coach can see, and sometimes the bag just doesn't work.

For example, I bought a Cranberry Phoebe so pretty at night but in daylight it looked pink (not my color); and then I tried a duffle really cool looking, but once I put my things into it couldn't make it work, just not a big enough opening for me. I do tell them, not that they ask, why I'm returning. I think most of the SA's are pretty understanding, and may have returned a few things themselves.

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Sep 23, 2013
I've returned more than one bag at a time. The SA didn't seem to mind as they were FP items and a few of them were "eyeing" the bags for themselves. A couple of times when I had more than one item to return I would "space out" my returns or return to multiple Factory Stores. There are 3 stores within an hour of my house that I frequent so that makes it a bit easier. The guilt was all in my head since the SA's have never made me feel bad.............I'm sure they understand that sometimes things just don't work out and it's a customer's prerogative to return stuff as long as the return policy is followed.
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Nov 11, 2006
You should NOT feel guilty. They're not paying your bills. If they ask - I would say "unexpected expenses" - car? taxes? pet? - and you had to make a choice. (ordinarily, I'd say it's none of their business, but a few on TPF have mentioned returns are now supposed to get manager approval). I HATE that they make people feel guilty about returns - when their return policy is so lenient.

Don't feel like you need to drive to the next state over - that's insane! Opt for the BACKBONE!


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May 7, 2012
Yes I have returned more than one bag at a time. Never really thought about it before.


Jul 25, 2008
It is probably not a big deal, but if you are concerned, maybe you can split the difference. Return two and put one on ebay or space out the returns a bit.

I wish I had your realistic thinking about use of the bags. When I bring something home, I swear, it is like I imprint on those babies or something and it is hard to let them go.


Mar 11, 2013
I just returned 2 yesterday to the full price store. The manager was so nice and didn't mind at all. Didn't even ask me why I was returning. I wouldn't worry about it :smile:


May 28, 2013
New Jersey
I've returned more than 1...once I returned a coat,bag, and a wristlet. My purchases are usually from online FOS...and then I return them to the store...I feel a little funny sometimes, but just tell them I changed my mind or the size wasn't right..whatever. In the long run I don't think most care.


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Feb 17, 2009
I don't think they care unless one is doing it all the time, like weekly. I've returned two at a time, no problem. But I usually save them until I'm going to the outlet, and take just one along to return, since I'm going anyway and probably going to buy something else while I'm there.

Oh, and if they ask for the reason I'm returning? I bought online without seeing the bag, and didn't like it when it arrived.
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Jan 14, 2014
I also have this sort of panic attacks over daily errands and situations, but you shouldn't let that stop you from trying to do things. Sometimes our fears are way bigger than reality. Take the 3 bags you don't want back to the store and everything will be fine. If they ask you why and you feel like sharing, just tell the true: those were impulsive buys but you're keeping the ones you liked anyway! Good luck!